7 Most Effective Health Tips To Keep Your Voice in Shape

7 Tips for Vocal HealthVocal students are often aware of the importance of training and practice in achieving their full potential. Unfortunately, much less focus has been given to the healthy lifestyle needed to maintain and improve vocal ability. Fort Lauderdale voice teacher, Dyce Kimura, works with students to provide a holistic approach to voice instruction, including information about healthy lifestyle changes to reach top vocal shape.

Some of the most effective tips to develop healthy vocal chords and voice strength that Dyce Kimura recommends during his Fort Lauderdale singing lessons are:

• Get plenty of rest so your body and vocal chords have time to repair and rejuvenate. Sleep is very beneficial to voice and overall health. Also, singing has been shown to assist with sleep disorders and stress relief.

• Vocal chords need hydration to work properly. While drinking plain water is definitely important for singers, the body prevents liquids from actually going into the respiratory system. Inhaling steam or mist can help moisten the vocal chords. Portable steamers are very effective in hydrating the vocal chords, but in a crunch, inhaling through a hot towel can be used to experience some relief.

• Acid reflux occurs when stomach acid regurgitates up into your esophagus, which can actually damage vocal chords. Prevent acid reflux by avoiding late night eating and sleeping with your head elevated.

• Dairy products like milk and cheese have been known to cause thick mucus, so many singers avoid these products on performance days. Allergies also cause mucus, but antihistamines actually dry out the respiratory system too much. If they are necessary, counter the effect by moistening the vocal chords with steam.

• Alcohol and drugs can strain multiple systems in the body, and top vocal ability requires all aspects of the body working in unison to produce the best sound. Avoid drinking and doing drugs to ensure top physical health for voice performance.

• Avoid yelling as well as whispering. Yelling strains the muscles in the larynx and can cause swelling and damage to the vocal chords. On the other hand, whispering pushes air through the vocal chords causing irritation. Many performers avoid speaking all together for a day or two before a performance.

• Physical activity serves many goals in voice health and vocal performance. Dance and other performance arts can help with a more graceful stage presence as well as reducing stress and building lung capacity and strength.

While these tips are particularly geared to the voice student, Dyce Kimura, who also serves as a Fort Lauderdale guitar teacher, notes that many musicians can benefit from these healthy tips. By combining lifestyle changes and healthy activities, your body and vocal chords can be ready to train and perform at the highest level possible.

However, no lifestyle choice provides more effective and noticeable results than regular vocal training. Like physical activity, it is important to dedicate time to work on the physical skills of vocal performance. Dyce Kimura provides Skype singing lessons for those who want a quality, holistic approach to vocal instruction from the convenience of their own home and schedule.

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