Best Rock Singing Lessons in Miami

Best Rock Singing Lessons in Miami

Best Rock Singing Lessons in Miami

The best rock singing lessons in Miami are from great instruction. It is on the side of the spectrum where there’s a lot of vowel modification. The vows are super dominant over the continent. There’s a lot of bowel. What I like to call homogenization, which means that the value starts sounding the same as you go higher in pitch. Um, we’ll go over a lot more of that in detail in this video. Also, huge disclaimer here. I want to make sure that you watch this part of the video before you skip ahead. This is, as I said, very advanced songs, so take this advice at your own risk. Make sure that you consult a professional, a, either a very seasoned singer, a, your, your voice coach.

If you’re seeing someone or even a, someone who is a doctor, an ears, nose, and throat specialist before implementing this advice. When seeking best rock singing lessons in Miami, you do so at your own risk because I cannot be there in person to, to help you with this unless we are working one on one. So this is just a word of caution before we move on here because I want to make sure that you don’t interpret this information in correctly because doing so could mean vocal damage and I would hate for that to happen. So that’s why I feel obligated to tell you to use this. Use common sense and use reason. If you feel like something is hurting, something is off. Don’t continue watching this video. Make sure that you get yourself corrected and realigned to and um, that you are processing, processing the information correctly. So, and of course, if any of you have any questions whatsoever about what I’m about to go over, please put them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer them in as quickly a fashion as possible. So let’s go ahead and get started. Let’s dive into it. And first and foremost, the very first thing that I’m going to talk about

Best Rock Singing Lessons in Miami From Dyce

When giving best rock singing lessons in Miami, can you see my face when I’m doing with that? So given that you can see, you can see, and I’m going to turn this down so that way you can hear me here a little bit better that I’m showing my teeth consistently, that my jaw movement is very smooth, that there’s not a lot on this. I’m not pulling it down because you’re jogging to get into the way, especially when you’re hitting very, very high notes. Things all look and so good thing that I was talking about. Vowel modification, vowel modification is very, very important. Bowel homogenization is a very, very important thing, especially when you’re seeing a song like this. I’m going to pause it here.

The best rock singing lessons in Miami is going into more detail about that, that lift that you’re seeing that the fact that I’m doing this on the top, when you sing it in a lower register, it sounds ridiculous. It sounds like I’m from the valley. However, when you pull it up into those higher registers and then those higher octaves, it sounds, it sounds right, because the thing that’s more important when you’re up in a higher range, especially if you have a natural pistachio that’s down in a baritone range, um, when you pull those vowels up and start to a modularize them, that allows for the voucher to get out in a healthier way rather than trying to pronounce it a, um, in an, in an articulation that would be demanded by, say, an operatic song. Um, so that’s the reason why when you try singing in these higher registers as maybe like a base one and implement articulation that’s from the traditional side of the spectrum, this consistently be very damaging to your voice. So for the best rock singing lessons in Miami, it is absolutely imperative that you lift and that you homogenize the vowels as you’re going up into the higher registers, especially around the four areas and getting into your mixed tone. So let’s keep going here.

Okay. Boos and eyes are really tough on the top. Really, really tough on the top. For the best rock singing lessons in Miami, it’s like, you know, do it, like hitting that, you know, hitting that c five they’re in chest voice or in your mixed tone that is just, that is a sucky. So let’s go over some ideas on how to get the most out of your voice when you’re hitting umber or an e on that top. So, and if you end up cracking, if you end up going for this and it’s not working, you know, give yourself patients, um, you know, working lower registers like,

And then, oh, oh,

Build up to it. Now here are some ideas when you go to implement that that exercises where you’re going just a little bit higher each time. You don’t want the EU to come from your, from the bottom line,

You can see this pulling the larynx down and you need. And here’s the thing, there’s no such thing. I want you to break the idea that high larynx is a bad thing and low larynx is a good thing or vice a versa. For the best rock singing lessons in Miami, your larynx has to be high for certain styles and your Larry’s has to be low. It has for certain styles; it’s about the spectrum. I want you to think in terms of ratios and spectrums. There is such a thing as a larynx that goes too low and it such a thing as a larynx that goes too high. It’s about having the flexibility or layers to go up and down within a certain way and to also regulate the speed in which it drops and which lifts, so I want you to make sure that you have a big takeaway here. It’s not about having a high or a low larynx, it’s about the balance between the two and how you transition between the two and homogenizing the vowels have a big role to play in lyrics, positioning linear go up and down in a healthy way because if you’re allowing pops up way too quickly because your jaw is moving too quickly and you’re not homogenizing your bowels, that’s when a lot of damage can happen.

It’s about letting the ebb and flow occur. So hopefully that clarifies that. Now you’re probably wondering, and I haven’t covered it yet in this video, so I’m going to right now, where’s the distortion coming from? Where is that?

Best Rock Singing Lessons in MiamiAll coming from. Well, first of all, it’s, it starts in the abdominal cavity. It starts in the, um, in the place where your oblique’s and your back, your oblique’s and your abdominal muscles sit. These are incredible support networks for your lungs, for your voice, for your bronchiole tubes that when you activate those and squeeze, usually it, you squeeze in and up to get those notes to, to occur. You create the sound pressure that goes up into your bronchial tubes, up into your mask, and then you shape your mask in such a way. So that way your soft palate is catching the air in such a way that it just slightly rattles a little bit. So you don’t want it to be too loose, otherwise they will irritate the back of the mouth too much. Um, but you also don’t want it to be pulled back too far because then it will be, it’ll be a clean, clear sound like, oh, I like that. So, so here’s a little tip to create that distortion. So if you want to add just a little bit of crunch without going too hard, here’s one thing that you, that you can do that has proved very useful for me. So watch the difference and listen from the best rock singing lessons in Miami.

My soft palate is in the same position. It’s right above my lyrics. I’m in the in proper head position. But as you can see, my face is a little different. When I’m clean, I lift the eyebrows when I want a little bit of would I want a little bit of distortion. I scrunch the pressure that occurs when I scrunch my facial muscles, allows for the sinus cavities and the rest of the master kind of compressed against the soft palate which is coming up here, which causes that Oh, that, that rattled to occur. And that is something that cannot just happen in your chest voice. It can also happen in your mix with the best rock singing lessons in Miami. And that is mixed ladies and gentlemen. That is. And essentially what mix is, is a, just a, just a modified. Go ahead voice. That’s what it is. So make sure that you’re not doing that up in chest when you get into your mix tone. I can go into further detail in a, in a, um, another video, but just make sure that you understand the difference between chest and head voice and the tone and what it is. So, but that’s a little tip for you, you know, the scrunching

Give you that Nice crushing distortion in the best rock singing lessons in Miami. Just a little bit of crunch there. So let’s move on to the next part of this video. And I’m just going to bring this up here. So

Let’s go over something else. So you, um, I forget if I already covered this in the video because I’m starting to like, it’s all, it’s all starting to, uh, uh, I’ve done a couple of takes of this video so it’s all starting to, you know, mess together. So anyway, uh, the EU vow is, um, if I had already mentioned this, I’ll just cover it briefly. Those are very, very hard to sing, especially when you have such little room in the back of the mouth. So when you go, you want to make sure that you’re taking the EU from the top and that you’re getting that scrunching if it’s coming from the bottom like, oh, it’s not as healthy and it’s actually going to put things out of Lyman. So you want to make sure that you’re scratching the mask and bringing it up to the top. Just kind of like skipping over, jumping over, and following through. Very, very important that you understand that, especially with your, oh, so just make sure that that is implemented whenever you try to go for those very narrow vowels. Okay. So moving on with the best rock singing lessons in Miami.

And you can see that the shape of my bowels are essentially very similar that I’m not and I’m not moving really quickly with my jaw. There’s a lot of shooting

On that is very, very key. So making sure that you strengthen this area of the face is very key.

That is mix incredibly enough. Still learning how to transition between the mix and the gemstone is very, very key as well. So let’s talk about that. So, you know, going from it, it would be good to know where the limit of your chest voice is for now. So like for example, books right around a c five is where I have to end up going up into my mix.

And that’s my mixed tone right there in the best rock singing lessons in Miami. So I ended my chest tone around a c and then d five is right around where, um, where I start getting into my mix stone, which is that come really compressed head boy. So knowing where your transition is going to really, really help you as well so that way you can. And here’s one thing that I want to make sure that you understand that there is very, it’s very subtle changes that occur within your breath support, um, in order to transition between those two spaces because you don’t want it to be like want it to be consistent. You want the bridge to occur. So there’s always going to be a little bit of a break there, but it’s something where you don’t want to release the pressure in your abdominal muscles completely when you go to transition. So it’s actually keeping the pressure in your abdominal muscles and getting the, uh, the, the sound pressure to stay consistent will actually really help with your transition from your mixed tony into your chest voice. So keep that in mind as you’re going up and down. With the best rock singing lessons in Miami you want to keep that consistent down here. Obviously there’s certain things that changed within the muscular structure and the modifications in the, in the shape of certain muscles would be on a very, very minute scale, but the, but the general thing to keep in mind is that you want to keep the support consistent. That’s why I keep saying it and repeating it over and over again to get back and forth between those two. So let’s keep going.

Might a little sharp there. Sorry. So metal like watching myself

Get the Best Rock Singing Lessons in Miami

Trial phase. Yeah. That’s a perfect example. That is a perfect example of homogenizing the bowel. Trod Is Troth. It’s truth. Truth is. So if I sang it like wow, bass, you can hear how ridiculous that is when I’m singing it an octave lower than the actual, um, the actual song. But that show you.

Yeah. So you’re probably thinking, God, all these rock stars have been playing a trick on me, man. They’re all; they all don’t know how to speak English. I asked and I think it’s so amazing, but it is still amazing to have the best rock singing lessons in Miami. It’s just that, you know, our brain plays a trick on us and we hear words, but those vows, when you break them down phonetically, they sound ridiculous and when you bring them down an octave it’s sort of like, you know, I guess it’s sort of like a hypersonic a laughing that, that they’ve actually done studies where they’ve tickled mice and they actually do laugh, but you have to bring the, bring the sound down. You have to slow down the sound in order to hear it because it’s outside of the range of human hearing. So it’s a, which is interesting because you know, when, when you bring down the octaves of what you’re actually saying phonetically, it sounds super goofy and ridiculous, but when it’s way up on that top, it sounds awesome.

So, I mean, like in generally speaking, I’m not talking about myself here, I’m not trying to say, oh, just put those notes like Super Rad. No, that’s come to your own conclusions for the best rock singing lessons in Miami. Here I am not trying to promote my, uh, my abilities or say that I’m awesome at this, that, or the other thing. I simply know that I love this song. I love what Chris has done and I want to pay tribute to him through this, this and spread the knowledge and love and wisdom of, of, uh, of singing properly and in a fun and happy way. So yeah, that’s okay. I’m getting off the soapbox now. Back to what really matters here. The topic, the thing is,

And you’re so, you have to also be very, very comfortable. And I’ve said this in previous videos with making really weird basis. Yeah. Now there’s a lot. Now

one thing I want you to keep in mind that there may be an illusion. You may think that I’m moving my jaw really quickly for the best rock singing lessons in Miami. It’s actually an illusion. If you put your hand on the screen over my mouth, you can see. And if you can still see the jaw, you’ll see that it moves a lot slower in, or it looks like it moves a lot more slowly in relation to my teeth, my tongue, and my lips. There’s a lot going on here. That’s where the dominant fast movement is occurring with the transitions between the vowels. Now, something else to keep in mind, what you may encounter as you’re singing this song is that you start cracking on certain notes. You start like trying to get to certain places in Europe and splatting sound. What that has to do with is your tongue placement. Your tongue position has to do with that.

So you want to experiment with the sweet spot. What I usually recommend to my students is that you placed the tongue, the tip of the tongue, right along the gum line of your front teeth. With the best rock singing lessons in Miami, it may look for certain people that may look like it’s retracting a you, you just want it makes you want to make sure that it’s not pressing down so much that you get the Kermit, which can interact negatively with the Larry. So you want to get that Nice, ah, ah, so ah, and then that will allow for is slight Ridge and the back of the tongue and allow for the voice to resonate upon the hard and soft palate very nicely. Now another thing to keep in mind, and I’ll say, let’s talk about this as this goes, you always want to be very aware of the residents along the roof of your mouth where your soft palate is, that flapper muscle in the back of the mouth, which I’ve talked about in previous videos and also the hard palate as well as a system of resonance.

So here’s one thing that you can do. If you’re struggling with power and you’re, you feel like you’re projecting out too much. One thing that you can do is you can actually cut your ears like this and listen to the residents and be aware of the resonance in your head. You want to. And this is something that I’ve told my students as well, rather than pushing, pushing out towards the room, ended up paying attention to the, um, to the resonance in the room. For the best rock singing lessons in Miami ,I asked them to think of a miniature theater, a manager to story theater that sits here right here in the sinus cavities, in the residence spaces in their head to pay attention to that project towards that and use the hard and soft palate as the resonator for those areas to allow vibration to occur and to be aware of what occurs when you do that. When you place the energy upward towards this area, you’ll find what I’ve found with students is that their resonance there, the richness of their tone, their ability to, uh, to perform vibrato becomes a lot more natural when you, uh, located understand what happens in the face rather than experiencing, trying to get the sound out, push, push up first, as I always say as well. Technique over volume. Can’t stress that enough. Moving on. Okay. There we go.

That was hard to get a little between the two.

One thing that I also want to mention, and we might not get through the entire song today, but I mean I’ll try to get to the end as much as I can. I don’t want this video to be like a million hours long, so the other thing that you want to also keep in mind is that you don’t want to. You obviously have to breathe during the best rock singing lessons in Miami. That’s very, very important, but, but the thing to keep in mind as you’re doing that is that you want to tie your words together. If there is a situation flies, if you can allow those two to blend and stretch together, that will save a lot of energy. Your voice rather than going gets me, is like, you know, trying to be progressive with your, your voice. If you tie them together, tie the phrases together and think as like a Hash tag and we’re all, you know, there’s no separation between the words. It’s essentially the same thing. So I’m just keep that in mind that that’s something that can really, really save you some time and energy because it’s keeping everything consistent is keeping the breath support consistent and it’s keeping your phrasing consistent as well. With the best rock singing lessons in Miami, you’re riding on the wave rather than trying to catch a wave every single word and chopping it up, chopping up things that can be really, really detrimental to your performance and your voice if done over a long period of time. Let me hit the button here.

Also, one thing that you can do, and you know, I’ve, I’ve said this somewhat in the past, but I, I do want to encourage.

So, um, that was, that was in mixed voice. That’s a, that’s a perfect example of that going on. So,

And you can see I’m a little bit more relaxed as I’m lowering my voice.

All right, so let me go ahead and pause this because I want to go over one thing. Anyway. Oh No, I lost my train of thought. Isn’t that wonderful? I’m so. I’m not going to delete this video. This is, I’m too far in it. It’s too late. Is too late to say. Oh, oh, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Now I’m, I just sang some bibber. So, um, you know, as you are going up into your top registers, as you’re mixing together, as you’re doing these things back and forth, you know, you want to keep in mind everything that we’ve just, that we’ve talked about. I’m trying to remember what I was going to say. It’ll probably come back to me as we go on through this, but let’s, let’s go ahead and, uh, I’m sorry that it. Let’s keep going.

That’s what it was. Okay. Did you see my veins popping once in a while? That’s something that you want to avoid if and only if you’re seeing that constantly, like over and over and over again. With the best rock singing lessons in Miami, if you are reaching the end of a phrase that’s incredibly high and incredibly high demanding, you’re going to see that once in a while. So don’t like freak out if you see that happened. You know, it’s like; it’s like having a high performance car. You know, if the Ferrari can go 180 miles an hour miles an hour, it might reach red line release like, you know, when a certain gear. But then if you’ll let out, let go and put it back into the neutral. Yes. What? They’re going to be just fine. It’s designed to do that stuff. I remember that sake. I knocked the microphone and forgot the phrase there. So I forgot about that. I’ll just, I’m just a goofball. Oh, there’s my armpit. It smelled probably really bad. So. And something else. I will, I will.

In the best rock singing lessons in Miami I will happily admit that I was starting to get fatigued at this point. It was, I think this is the second time going through. You can hear that it was just a little bit less powerful than it was the first time because here’s another thing. No live take is ever going to be absolutely phenomenally over the top. Perfect. Without some type of processing, without some type of, um, you know, without some cutting and pasting a what you hear in professional music, what you hear on albums these days is, is very, there’s multiple takes. It’s only taken it certain phrases. With the best rock singing lessons in Miami you are going to experience some type of fatigue when you sing live, especially with this type of a type of singing. I know that with three hour sets with my band, I have to be very, very, very keen on the amount of movement that I do up on stage, the amount of water intake that I have had that day, my warm-ups, all these things have to align perfectly in order for me to proficiently perform for that amount of time and keep the quality of voice that’s necessary to do so.

Um, so just keep that in mind. That fatigue will happen and that, um, as long as you can speak the next day, as long as you can perform normal songs, um, on a regular basis, like the next day say, did you have like another show coming up and you feel that you can, you can do things just fine after warming up properly and getting enough water intake. Um, that’s, you know, that’s something not to be concerned about. With the best rock singing lessons in Miami, the thing that the time to be concerned is if you can’t speak the next day, if you have a sore throat, if you have symptoms like coughing and you’re having a hard time swallowing and though those, um, uh, those symptoms occur on a more regular basis because of this type of thing that you’re doing. That’s when the red flags should be going up. That’s when the bells should be Ding, Ding, Ding.

And you should be going to an end to get things checked out, especially if the, um, the symptoms are autonomous, uh, if they are not coupled with, you know, a cold, for example, if it is just by itself coughing and wheezing with a dry cough and um, it happens after a show. That is something that you want to address immediately in the best rock singing lessons in Miami. Also, here’s another thing, and just a side note, if you want to check the quality of your voice, this is an amazing. I’m going to put a link in the description of a, an ear, nose, and throat specialists that’s here on YouTube that has a really, really amazing little trick that you can use to test the, um, the damage to your voice if you’ve implemented any, uh, damage, which takes away all the technique out of the system and it goes to the natty gritty of your vocal folds to see if there are ducting correctly and possibly if there are any vocal notes, this can detect them before they become a majorly serious issue.  Another singing blog click here.

So given that everybody, thank you so much for your patience, uh, at, uh, allowing me to find a way to record this video and the best way that I possibly could. I wanted to make sure that I was prepared and that I was able to give the, the information in the best possible way. Um, if you enjoyed what I did here on this video, make sure that you liked this video. Make sure that you subscribe to the channel, make sure that you hit the little notification bell so that way you can get updates on when I post more content. Because it is going to be more crap coming your way. Good crap, obviously. So that way you can continue to improve and find your voice. So with that said, everybody always remember, practice makes progress and I will see you all in the next video.