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Best Singing Lessons in Miami

Best Singing Lessons in Miami

Best singing lessons in Miami are offered by Dyce Kimura in Hollywood, Florida. Do you ever wonder how to choose the key that you’re going to sing your new song in? That’s what we’re talking about today. It can be kind of a tricky thing. Maybe you hear a recording that you really like and you think, oh, I’d like to sing that song, but maybe Ella Fitzgerald is the one who sings it on the recording you heard and she probably sings a lot higher than you, or maybe it’s a Diana Krall and she sings it lower than you and you just can’t quite sing along. Maybe you hear Frank Sinatra sing it and he’s a man. He’s like, I can’t sing it in the man key. How do you know? Well, there’s lots of ways to know. Everybody Kind of has their own way of doing it, but my thing on this channel is that I give you something easy, something quick and simple to understand so that you.

Best Singing Lessons in Miami with Dyce Kimura

You’re going to be able to know right from the get go where the best singing lessons in Miami are. So here we go. Now, the very quickest way I can tell you, I’m going to show you some examples for those of you who want to stick around, but for those of you who just absolutely want the quickest way to find your key, this is what it is. You sing it through the whole song, you figuring out what the low note is, and you put it in your voice just about the lowest note you can hit. So if the song is autumn leaves, you’re going to the lowest note in autumn leaves is the falling leaves like that. So you’re wanting, you’re going to want to put that as the lowest comfortable. Know what you can hit in your voice for best singing lessons in Miami. That’s my quickest answer. Alright? So if the song is, I’ve got the world on a string, the lowest note is I’ve got through that might even be a little low for me. I might want to make it a tiny bit more comfortable. So I raised it a half step. Go. You want to sing all the way through the song and make sure that that is actually the low note, but it is the low note. That’s, that’s your answer. You’re gonna. Put the low note comfortable for you. Then you’re going to be able to nail the rest of the song. That’s my quick answer. Now stay with me for the best singing lessons in Miami and some examples and I’ll show you more.

what have you really liked this song? I love this song. You sit in there and listening to music. This song comes on. You’re like, I want to sing that song. So first step, single mom with frank, fly with me. That’s higher than I like to sing. So already I’m thinking, Dang Frank, that’s not my key to this. But if you’re a soprano, because might be your perfect key because that’s the low note. So

I just went over to the piano and I played that low note one, so I gave you and it’s a b. So that’s all you have to do for the best singing lessons in Miami. You have to figure out what’s the low note, go play it on the piano and say, could I go any lower than that and be comfortable? And if the answer is no, and then keep it right there, Sopranos. And if the answer is yes, like for me, if the low notes a, b, I probably want my loan note to be an f. um, so as an alto I’m going to transpose it down a tritone. So Frank Sinatra sang it shouldn’t be, that’s actually his key. So my key isn’t going to be f, which is nice. Now this brings me to my second point. Singers don’t pick keys that are difficult for your musicians to play in.

Now the best musicians can handle any key, the very best of them, but there aren’t that many of those guys. Um, I can play and B, I can play an f sharp, but those are hard keys for me and I’ll tell you what, I won’t be as comfortable in those keys as I will in some other keys that I play in all the time for the best singing lessons in Miami. So comfortable keys for musicians are, um, are accused typically that have less than, well, less than five flats or sharps. I would say it may be less than four. So you’ve got the key of C, g, D, those are okay. DNA tends to be keys that jazz musicians don’t play in a lot because they have sharps, jazz musicians for some reason, like the flat keys. So let’s go the other way around the circle of fifths. That time, that time we went up, we went see.

And then one, two, three, four, five up to g. and then one, two, three, four, five. Up to d this time where to go backwards. One, two, three, four, five. Down to f. f is a very common key. Um, we’re going to go down another five to b flat, which is probably the most common key. Let’s go down another five toe flat, which is fine for the best singing lessons in Miami. And I’d say most jazz players are comfortable playing in a flat as well. Maybe even d flat. But, but the other keys not so much. So if you can pick one of those for your key, like, like say, like Frank Sinatra was Frank Sinatra and he had Nelson riddle writing for him so he could pick B in. Nelson was just going to write it out for him because he’s Frank Sinatra. But if maybe Frank was like taken down a couple notches and singing in nightclub’s, he probably would’ve said it’d be flat or, or c because of half step. I mean, I guess it could make all the difference, but you want to be versatile enough where you don’t have to say, I’m only singing in b, that’s my key for this song. Anyway, that’s, that’s my opinion with the best singing lessons in Miami. Um, you might run into some vocal coaches who maybe aren’t instrumentalists and they don’t feel the same way. So yeah, I mean, if they want to come smack me around a little bit, let them do that. Let’s listen to Billie Holiday. She’s singing yesterday, yesterday. Comfortable for me. So far.

Dyce Kimura Gives the Best Singing Lessons in Miami

I think we’ve talked about it before. You don’t want to learn your melodies like if you don’t know yesterday, you need to listen to somebody else play it before you listen to Billie Holiday because she won’t, she won’t teach you the exact melody. So it’s a little bit high for me. So we get it. We’re going to listen to the whole thing during the best singing lessons in Miami. We’re going to find with the low notice. Yeah,

I think that’s it. I think that’s a low note because then it goes down at data. I think that’s it. A good or a piano. What note is it a flat? You might guess wrong. That’s all right. If you guess wrong, you just find it. Okay. So a flat. That means the song. Well, how do you know that’s, you know, my friend rick beyond just made a great video called how to know the key of any song. And if you’d like to, um, if, if you’re kind of a theory buff and you’d like to hear his take on that, it’s a great video. You should look him up. R I C K. Oh, he’s got a great way and it’s very, um, very thought out. My way is to just simply look at the end of the song. Just look at the last chord before the two for the best singing lessons in Miami.

Five. That will lead you to the top of the next chorus. Ninety five percent of the time. That’s the key that the songs in. Um, so there’s songs in minor because that’s the last quarter of the song. You just sing that you just sing in the last few bars for tonight. I’m dreaming about the best singing lessons in Miami. I’m yesterday. You can to use your ear to, to just say, does that sound final to me? Yeah, that sounds fine to me. Now if you’re isn’t that good? Maybe more like 70 percent of the time is the first chord of the song is often what key the song is in. If it’s hard for you to figure out, ask somebody you can. You can even send me a quick message saying it’d be what key is Chet Baker? Sing my funny Valentine in and I’ll write you back and let you know, but you, you know, find somebody who lives in your town if you can, that would be better.

Best Singing Lessons in Miami

Best Singing Lessons in Miami

Um, now I said that I want to make sure that you know that you can’t just learn the melody from Billie Holiday. You can usually learn the melody from Frank Sinatra. He sings it very straight, but Billie holiday rarely will with the best singing lessons in Miami. So how are you going to learn the melody to yesterday’s if you don’t already know it? Well, this is how I, I just went to Wikipedia on my phone, I typed in yesterday’s Wikipedia song and of course it wanted to correct me because it thought I was talking about yesterday by the Beatles, but I wasn’t. So I’m reading right here. It says yesterday’s is in 1930, three-song composed by Jerome Kern. Nice. And then it says that jazz musicians use it all the time. Um, and then it says Irene Dunne performed the song and the film version of Roberta. Nineteen 35. That sounds like it was the first. Then it says that it was written for the show. Roberta, 1933 where it was introduced by Faye Templeton. Next step. Let’s look up Faye Templeton. All right. I can’t find it. Can’t find it. But then it says that Irene Dunne performed it. So I looked that up and I can find that now is probably going to sound like most likely, um, because it’s very old, but it’s the first one or one of the first one.

that’s the melody. Those are difficult notes for the best singing lessons in Miami. You can guarantee that if it’s in a show like this, you know you’re watching these guys that it’s going to be authentic. She’s going to sing the notes that the composer wrote.

I want to talk more about this later because I actually have some stories that I debunk my method a little bit, but. But it’s, it’s a good method. I’ll, I’ll tell you why another time, but that’s how to learn the melody. Just go to Wikipedia, find out who, who wrote it, what show it came from and listen to it and write it down. That’s the real melody. Then you go back to your Billie holiday for the best singing lessons in Miami. You say, oh, she’s saying it in f minor. Is that a good key for me? Sing-along with her. If it’s. If it’s a little high drop at a step, if that’s still a little high drop, but another step you just play with it. But the key for me and if anybody asks me to play a song on a Gig that I, that I know that I know but I’m not very comfortable with.

Like that happens to me a lot because if I’ve heard a song enough times, I can, I can usually play it, I can get through it and figure out what the chords are right there in the moment. But if somebody requests it during the best singing lessons in Miami, like last night somebody requested what are you doing the rest of your life by Michelle the grid and I knew that the first note of that song is the lowest note in the song. So it was easy. All I had to do was say what? What note do I want to sing for? The first note was doing the events tab here that I found out on the piano and I determined my key really quickly, but it’s if somebody requests another song, maybe it’s pennies from heaven, you’re just going to sing the song real quick in your head and every time it rained it means Spanish for me to add that data.

Need all that. That’s the. No, no, no. So then you think, okay, that’s where I’m to put it because that’s about right for me. Love. I think that’s an e, so dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. It’s a c, so I’m going to sing it in c, but really quickly I worked out what my note was now that was a little bit too low for me and I’d rather do it with a gas my loan out. I’m going to think I’m right for the best singing lessons in Miami. Egg. That’s a minor third way. So if my son was in the QFC I’m going to move it up a minor third, so instead of see, we’re going to be an e flat. Hope that makes sense. If you want to watch the video click here. If it doesn’t, I’m sure you’ll tell me. All right, so that’s my quick fix for how to find your key singers. You want to find your loan out and put it in a comfortable range and go for it from there. I hope that answers your question and thank you so much for watching a penalty music. I will see you next time, or check out other singing blogs here.