Blues Turnaround in the key of E

This is a blues turnaround in the key of E. This phrase is a MUST LEARN for all blues players.  It immediately brings the genuine blues sound to your playing.  A good example of this is on the intro to Eric Clapton’s “Before You Accuse Me,” off the unplugged album (great album by the way).  I cover it both on the 4rth fret and the 16th fret (both octaves).  Its very bluesy, very authentic.  It is used at the end of a 12 bar blues progression on the 11th and 12th bar.  The concept of the turnaround can be broken down and used at anytime in the blues progression as well if you understand how to use it.  I explain this in depth during the video.  This breakdown was used all the time in the playing style of Jimi Hendrix.  If you come to understand this concept you can use it in any style, not just blues.  I often hear it widely used in country guitar playing as well.

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