Billm Modded Fender Blues Junior

This review is of a Billm modded Fender Blues Junior.  The reason I got the Billm amp is because I wanted a way-huge Fender Blackface tone at low volume.  This amp was originally 15 watts and after the mods it became 18watts.


The mods I had done were

The Basic Kit Mod

The TO20 Output Transformer

Presence Control Mod

Cathode Follower

Switchcraft Input

TP24 Transformer

Line Out Built In

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Top 3 Guitar Amps to Buy Under $200 for Beginner Guitar Players

Let’s say you’re looking to buy an amp, but are unsure which one to get since you’re just starting out with playing guitar. You also don’t want to spend a lot.


Here’s a helpful countdown of the top three choices of experienced, Fort Lauderdale Guitar Teacher, Dyce Kimura.


Line 6 30 watt –

Dyce says, “This guitar amp has all the effect you would need to really explore your guitar’s soundscape. It’s also extremely easy to use and is a great value for the price. This could be a good choice for heavy metal– especially nu-metal– and rock guitarists. It offers you […] Read more

Top 5 Electric Guitars to Buy Under $200 for Beginners

When you’re new to learning electric guitar, the wide variety of instruments to choose from can be overwhelming. Which to start out on? Fort Lauderdale Guitar Teacher Dyce Kimura has some advice just for you!


Fender Squier Strat

Your first model to consider might be a Fender Squier Strat, which sells for around $199. Dyce calls this “an excellent guitar, with hot, loud pickups that work well for all styles: blues and rock and pop.” He adds: “It has a great neck and feel. This guitar is all business!”

Find a Fender Squier Strat online.

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AnalogMan Sunface NKT 275 White Dot Review

This is an amazing pedal. It is a very rare boutique pedal. There is a limited amount of them because they don’t make them anymore. I do a demo of the pedal in the video. This is the white dot pedal (there is also a higher gain red dot pedal). There are some pros and cons of using this pedal in your rig. The pros are that it is an amazing pedal and there is nothing like it. The quality of the fuzz and the stinging sound distortion is unlike anything you have ever heard. The dynamic range is absolutely incredible and the sound completely changes depending on the output volume and tone knob of your guitar. The cons of the pedal is it is not very compatible with other pedals in my board -even Analogman Pedals. It also thins out the sound a bit. Also the best sound this pedal can deliver is from the battery power not the 9 volt ac adaptor. This battery system is not conducive to my power system as my rig is pluged in 24/7 because I play full time. I don’t prefer to bother with changing batteries ect..

The manufacture says to put the fuzz all the way up and the volume at least half if not full. My experience is that the best sound of the pedal is with the volume and fuzz maxed out and control it all with the guitar volume, tone, and pickups. There is an extremely wide range of sound you can get including a very Hendrixy kind of clean. I really enjoy this pedal and I also enjoyed making this review. Please comment about your AnalogMan Sunface pedal experiences as I would love to read about them!

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