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cheap singing lessons in miamiThis cheap singing lessons in Miami video is all about how to sing when you’re sick or how to not saying when you’re saying because it’s going to be one of the most annoying videos ever because the main point is going to be like, don’t sing when you’re sick. However, I am going to give you some tips about how to maintain your breath support and stay in touch with your voice while you’re singing and I’m also going to explain kind of what goes on when you’re sick so that can be more informed about how to practice or not practice. It’s just going to be a six singers guide to maintaining some of your technique while chilling out and giving your voice arrest

really quick. How do you do? Um, my name is Felicia. You can call me fell. I’m a professional voice finder. I help you find your voice and it’s my belief that you’re singing voices are already inside you and it’s just up to me to provide the quickest and most effective cues and methods. They’re going to get you to get out of your own way and allow your voice to be free and expressed so I get this question so often and people will tweet at me or they’ll put on my facebook page, felt I have a sore throat or I’m completely blocked up, like, what do I do? I really want to sing. And my first instinct is to just be like, I’m sorry you, you shouldn’t do that. Um, and this is, this is why when you’re sick, a couple of things can be happening, but primarily there’s, there’s two important kind of things that could go wrong.

The first is that you have a sore throat and your vocal chords and your throat are inflamed. Meaning there’s blood pumping in cheap singing lessons in Miami. They’re, they’re big and basically their shape and the way they move is completely different from how they move normally. So you’re dealing really with kind of compromise muscles and compromised body part. The other thing that can happen is you can have fun. It can be all up and down here in your throat. It could be in the membranes that are in your face. And a lot of times coupled with phlegm, you’ll have inflamed or swollen sinuses, which rules were you will get kind of blockage, it’ll feel like you’re talking like this or everything is blocked and you can’t breathe through your nose with cheap singing lessons in Miami. So those are kind of the two areas that can most be affected by a cold, by Laryngitis, by allergies. But that sort of thing.

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Long story short, if you’re feeling anything kind of weird or funky going on, you want to sort of have a moment where you take the time to kind of see how do I feel? Is it in my throat? Is it in my sinus? Or is it in both? So rule of thumb is if you’re feeling soreness in your throat, feeling like it’s inflamed, feeling like you can’t talk, I want you to take a complete vocal rest. Just lay off those chords. Maybe you could speak gently, make sure you’re taking your time, you’re speaking as small as you can, but please don’t try to practice. It’s basically like trying to practice with a guitar who’s streams are completely messed up. And like there’s like sludge on the strings. And the strings are broken, I mean it’s just not productive and it will only lead to more frustration and also Ken further cause inflammation and soreness so you could basically get worse.

So behind door number two in terms cheap singing lessons in Miami, you could have some phlegm on your vocal folds, in which case a yeah, you can, you can do some techniques to get rid of that phlegm and I definitely want you to check out another video I have on healthy tips for singing and for maintaining your voice where I talk about Musinex and I talk about gargling and that sort of thing. So if it’s something that you can break up at the beginning of the day, right? Some flood down there and you find that by midday.

Okay, you can speak clearly and nothing hurts then. Sure. I would say you should proceed with your warmups, but kind of after you’ve given your vocal folds time to warm up and let the phlegm dissipate. Now, door number three in terms of kinds of sickness you could have that would affect your voice is swollen sinuses and just general kind of blockage and phlegm up here and even though you’re it doesn’t directly affect your cords, it’s actually a tricky thing to deal with when you sing and I would advise you to proceed very carefully if you find that you have this cut of blockage up here and here’s why.

When you sing with cheap singing lessons in Miami, you use your breath and it passes through your vocal folds and it resonates in your face. Those are basically the three steps to how you sing. While you do create sound using your vocal folds, it’s really important that you use your face as kind of like an echo chamber. This is where the sound is really produced. It’s where you create tone. It’s where you really create a lot of your volume. It’s a very, very important essentially to your singing. So what can happen is if you’re blocked here in order to compensate so many singers when they’re sick, will overseeing from their throats because they’re not finding. They have that resonance and they’re like, well, I won’t like boys just ring out and you end up really, really kind of yelling and straining, so you definitely want to avoid that. As a rule of thumb, if your throat is hurting, definite no note to singing.

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cheap singing lessons in miamiIf you have phlegm off the phlegm breaks up, then proceed with caution and if you have a swollen face or blockage in your sinus, it’s up to you, but I would advise you take a break from singing because you don’t want to risk straining to compensate. So since this has been a super annoying video of no with cheap singing lessons in Miami, don’t sing, let me give you two things that you can do while you’re sick to make sure you stay in touch with your voice. My first bit of advice is that you shouldn’t freak out if you don’t sing for like five days because you’re sick. You’re not going to lose your technique. It’s better to just relax and let your body heal and to try to sing over that and just make yourself more frustrated. The second bit of advice I have is that you should work on your breathing.

Breathing does not require any nation or creation of sound with cheap singing lessons in Miami. Instead, because breathing is so important and foundational to singing, you can really just continue to reinforce that sensation and you can do something as simple as a his exercise while you’re sick. You just take some deep inhales from your diaphragm and then you hit and you can do this for 15 seconds, 30 seconds or 45 seconds. It’s really meditative. It calms down your body. It reinforces that feedback of breath to your face, which is very important to singing but which will actually hurt your voice while you’re sick. And then if you do want to take it one step further, the exercise I’m totally obsessed with his electrical. It’s basically one of the smallest units of sound and if you find that you’re breaking up your phlegm and your throat doesn’t hurt and you want to kind of maybe experiment with your residents, try easy lip trills after you’ve warmed up your breath. Okay? Something as simple as

if you find that you’re clamping or you’re tensing or it hurts, just stop. Remember with cheap singing lessons in Miami, it’s better to take a break and he’ll then to get yourself all worked up and make your voice be like, what are you doing? Why aren’t you singing? I’m sick because your voice has a strange accent, so I hope this answered your questions about how to sing or not saying while you’re sick. I’m just all about minimum effective dose and not overworking yourself.

You want to go through longevity when it comes to singing. You don’t want to burn out. You don’t want to mistreat your poor voice. So just to back off and take a break if you need a rest. Awesome. So we’ve been comment. Let me know if you’ve been through this. I mean, I think if you’re a singer, we all can relate to that feeling of frustration when we’re sick, but hopefully this gives you a framework.

This gives you some kind of rules to live by when you’re sick so that you’re not completely stressed while you’re waiting for your voice to. He’ll let me know what you think and definitely leave me a comment below for ideas for future videos. I definitely get all my ideas from you guys and I really appreciate your being so responsive and supportive with cheap singing lessons in Miami. Also, if you enjoyed this video, if we think we’ve got a good thing going on, definitely check out my completely free belt singing course. It’s at belting crash and it’s a series of videos delivered to your inbox for I teach you the quickest and most effective way to learn how to bell, saying it’s a lot of fun. So if you’re into that and check it out. And finally I have tons more videos like this on my youtube channel, so I would love to see more of you. Please hit subscribe and I’ll see you around the town meeting.