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fort lauderdale guitar lessonsWhether building on years of experience or just starting to learn the guitar, practice is the only way to improve. Dyce Kimura offers Fort Lauderdale guitar lessons for players of all ages and skill levels. Dyce teaches technical skills needed to play the guitar well along with the under-appreciated art of designing a practice routine.

Having an effective practice routine is vital to success as a guitarist. Instead of wasting time on already-mastered skills or skipping what is difficult, a practice routine should prioritize capabilities based on familiarity/comfort, and from there will build on skills in a systematic and effective way.

Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons Encourage Practice Schedules

Playing for fun may be more pleasurable at first, but mindlessly strumming a guitar will not produce significant improvement. On the other hand, a strategic practice plan will develop better skills much more rapidly. Studying the building blocks of guitar instead of just trying to learn a favorite song will improve the skill set needed to play more and to perform better than simply playing for fun.

Different practice items need to be developed for different amounts of time and frequencies, so it is not effective to simply make a list of skills and practice each for ten minutes every day. Skills like ear training, vibrato and bending techniques, general lead guitar phrasing, fret board visualization, and music reading should be practiced everyday or multiple times a day in shorter amounts of time per practice session. This concentrated method of practicing is much more efficient than simply playing through different songs.

Skills like songwriting and improvising, though, need longer but less frequent practice sessions to be effective. Relegating these skills to once a week, for example, allows the player to focus on technical skills, which will increase his or her ability to write and improvise music.

Skills like general guitar technique and music theory should be practiced every day for a moderate amount of time. A range of practicing focus should be apparent in anyone’s routine. This means consciously choosing to spend different amounts of time on a variety of skills that together shape guitar playing abilities.

Another important aspect of designing a practice routine is realistically determining how much time can be dedicated to practicing. Instead of making strict guidelines based on minutes, consider breaking down practice routine skill items by percentages. This means that even if someone only has an hour to practice on a weeknight, that hour will be broken up among various skills.

Understanding Strengths and Weaknesses with Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons

Rather than a cookie-cutter practice plan that simply says practice this skill for this many minutes and then move on to another, it is important to design a unique practice plan geared toward specific playing abilities and skill levels. A personalized practice plan is most effective when it takes into consideration unique strengths and weaknesses.

For a person who already has a practice plan, a good way to measure whether it is effective is to track individual progress. A practice routine is doing its job is the player is progressing consistently. If a person has been practicing but is not seeing significant improvement, now is the time for him or her to revisit the practice schedule and make any changes necessary to address personal guitar challenges.

Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons Make Better Players

Many people think that playing for fun produces the same results as a practice routine, but this is not the case. Anyone seriously thinking about improving cannot simply play for a few minutes here and there; like everything else, practice makes perfect. Designing a practicing routine will maximize efforts to become the best player possible. It is also important to remember that no practice plan, no matter how effective, can be used forever. Artists need to continually adapt their practice routines to fit their needs.

Practicing should not be about simply filling a time quota or pleasing your Fort Lauderdale guitar lessons instructor; practicing should be used for a very specific goal: to solve guitar playing problems and ultimately become a better guitarist. Having a plan and schedule for guitar practice helps use time effectively and will lead to significant results more quickly.

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