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Electric Guitar Lessons In Miami

Dyce Kimura Provides Electric Guitar Lessons In Miami

Electric guitar lessons in Miami is my specialty.  This is the ultimate buying guide for an electric guitar. I’ve also got an acoustic version if you are looking for an acoustic guitar but this one is for the electric guitar. Let’s get started.

Where am I going to start? Well, I am assuming you are a newbie, and maybe you are not. There may even be some information here for somebody that’s already been playing. Where do you start? Well, you have to have a budget when getting electric guitar lessons in Miami. The first thing you have to do is figure out how much you can afford. There are so many models of guitars out there, some really good buys. We’re going to talk about some of that as I get into it. I’m going to talk a little bit about the parts of the guitar as I go through it too which I discuss in my electric guitar lessons in Miami. Let’s talk about the guitar I’m holding here. May as well start with that. I have a few guitars that’s I’ve brought with me today. Parts of my collection. Some are newer than others but they are all good.  You get used to an instrument for electric guitar lessons in Miami, it feels a certain way. A lot of it is personal preference. One thing I recommend is don’t buy a guitar by color, brand or model. Some of the first things I recommend once you roughly has a price range is the shape of the neck. That is probably one of the biggest things for electric guitar lessons in Miami. I mean, yes, the guitar has to be appealing to you physically and the bottom line is you don’t want an ugly guitar. I have a few ugly guitars but I love them anyway because they are so ugly. I just bought one, and I wished I had it ready for this gig but I don’t. I bought it for $45. But it’s a really great guitar for electric guitar lessons in Miami. It’s an Ibanez. It looks sort of like a mutated explorer or a mutated iceman if you know what that is. If you don’t look it up on the internet. Paul Stanley from Kiss used to play an iceman and Daron Malakian also played one. Pretty popular shape guitar. Paul Gilman played kind of a version of the iceman but this thing is totally ugly, but I love it. It’s actually a good playing guitar but I am in the process of rebuilding it now. So I will save that for another time.

I am a guitar mechanic but it’s not what I do for a living. Electric guitar lessons in Miami is what I do. I did for a while but I choose teaching over the guitar mechanics, just because I felt drawn to teaching, helping people learn how to play. That gives me a real thrill to see people learn how to play. There’s a lot of teaching methods I don’t agree with, and this is one of the reasons why I’m doing this thing about buying a guitar because there’s a lot of points missed. I really feel that one of the most important things is to have a good working guitar. It doesn’t have to be expensive, fancy or a brand name but it has to be mechanically good of electric guitar lessons in Miami.

This guitar here is a great buy for a mid-price. I’m a bit spoilt so I can have pretty much any type of guitar I want. If I can’t buy a new one, I buy a used one and rebuild it. So it’s nice to have that skill. It takes years of experimentation from electric guitar lessons in Miami to learn how to rebuild a guitar really well. There is information out on the internet. Great place to go if you’re interested in building your own guitar or learning about it would be StewMac, that’s Stewart Macdonald. They have some great technicians there. Some really talented people. They have free vids on repairing guitars and they’ve got all kinds of books, they’ve got a parts catalogue. That’s a place I do a lot of shopping for electric guitar lessons in Miami. I don’t have any kind of sponsorship or artist sponsorship or anything like that. They’re just a good place to go to get parts. They’ve got solid bodies for solid body guitars. This one is a hollow body. It is a BB king or Chuck Berry style guitar.  See on the back of it that the neck is not bolted on like on some guitars. You see there’d be four five screws on the back and that would be a bolt on neck, this is a pin neck, it’s a glued neck. Now this is an interesting guitar. It’s a thin line, meaning it’s a thinner body. I’ve got other hollow bodies behind me, one behind me over there, I’ll show you at some point in this video for electric guitar lessons in Miami. It’s a fat boy. There’s one on top of my amp, the red one over there, and that is kind of in-between. You can get all kinds of thicknesses of hollow bodies and they are all made differently depending on the brand and the model. This one was built really interestingly. Most of these are built like a violin where they take the shape of the guitar and that’s the frame for electric guitar lessons in Miami. Then they make a top for it and a back for it, and sandwich the back and the top, glue them onto the frame. But this guitar wasn’t done this way. It was done by taking a block of wood and carved it out. So they left a chunk in the center, where they could mount the pickups and mount the bridge for electric guitar lessons in Miami. Pickups by the way are like microphones, they have a magnetic field that is created by winding very thin wires (as thin as your hair) around different styles of magnet. There are different types that they use in different shapes and some magnets are more powerful than others. Sometimes, they use little pieces of magnets and arrange them in certain ways. They all affect the way the pickup sounds but basically the pickup is a magnetic field created by a coil of wire and a group of magnets for electric guitar lessons in Miami. These are humbuckers meaning they are two coils. Later on you will see, like on this green G& L here, they’ve got single coils, or my pink Kramer, it’s got two single coils on the front and a humbucker on the back, and they are uncovered (I’ll show you that in a minute). But these are covered. But underneath it is two single coils that are paired up and wired up for electric guitar lessons in Miami. The reason they call it a humbucker is because single coil pickup hummed a lot more and made a lot more noise when you plugged it in, whereas when you put two coils together one cancels it out and balances it out together so that they are not too noisy, or the background noise wasn’t as much. Although the humbucker does not have the treble that the single coil has. This is all a part of your education because you have to figure out what pickup configuration you want for your guitar.

I’ve had some guitars since the seventies. Would not give them up for anything with electric guitar lessons in Miami. Loved them. Paid big bucks for them, and others I did not pay big bucks for. Just depends on what it was and for what reason. Either way I have a reason for owning all the guitars, and in my opinion, they all have a job to do. It’s just like a good car mechanic for electric guitar lessons in Miami. I always say, if you need a professional musician or guitarist, and he only has one guitar, I don’t know if I have a huge amount of respect for that. It’s like meeting a professional mechanic, you have a BMW or a Jaguar, and he has a crusty wrench and a vice grip and he’s going to work on your car, I don’t think so. Right? I think if you look at most of the professionals, they have at least 6, 7, 8, 10 guitars, because they all have different sounds and they all make you play in a different way. So if you are not a player and you’re buying a guitar, that’s a little more difficult for electric guitar lessons in Miami. We’ll talk about that in a moment. But needless to say, these are humbuckers in this guitar and this is what you call a semi hollow body because as I was telling you earlier, they took this block of wood and carved out the tone chambers leaving the hollow part, but left the center piece to mount the pickups and the hardware. This is a trapezoid, tail piece. It suspends with the tension of the string. I’ll show you other types of tail pieces. for electric guitar lessons in Miami, everything on the guitar affects the sound of the guitar. I can’t say that one piece on it makes a guitar sound the way it does. It’s all the things together.

A hollow body as opposed to let’s say, my pink Kramer or my green G&L Strat, or my Gibson SG, the hollow body will sound different for sure. It has a softer tone to it, a smoother tone for electric guitar lessons in Miami. I still don’t think that it’s limited to playing softer music. Chuck Berry played one, and he played old school rock and roll, Ted Nugent played one and he played 80s rock and roll with it, with a distortion. And he played a thicker bodied one like the one behind me. There are some tricks to it because of the fed back. George Thorogood, heavy blues played a guitar very similar to that over there. Again he did some tricks to it so he could handle the feedback because, the hollow body definitely does when you crank the juice up on your amp and you have to play louder volumes, will definitely feedback more. Great for electric guitar lessons in Miami because of the way this guitar is built.  It actually does not feedback too badly. That’s why sometimes they call this block in the center a feedback block. It literally does, eliminate some of the feedback because the old school hollow bodies like this, the old Gibsons and that, like I told you before, the frame of it was built out of wood and then the two wood pieces were glued together to create this complete hollow body, and they resonated more when they’re plugged in and they definitely had a tendency to feedback more. This is great clean. Like it has a smooth blues tone to it too for electric guitar lessons in Miami. Especially here at the pickups. The selection takes care of it. These nobs down here are the tone and volume. I rarely use the tone unless I’m playing some jazz stuff for electric guitar lessons in Miami. All the tone does is take the highs and rolls them off so now I get the tone cranked up and you can hear how soft it sounds. I mean if I’m playing jazzier stuff that sound might be okay. This is a pretty versatile guitar. And it is a heck of a deal. These are about, with it a very good quality case, fits the guitar really well, they are about $850, and that’s in Canada where I’m from. For electric guitar lessons in Miami you can probably get one cheaper if you buy one used. I love the feel of the neck on this one. Some of them have different feeling necks, but these guitars are made mostly by CNC machines. That’s a computer controlled machine that cuts the bodies out. It is hand assembled or setup but overall, all the pieces are made by a CNC machine so they are pretty close.  But for $850 in my opinion this is a real good buy.

This is my selector switch here and that switch is between the front and the back. The back is much more treble. At the start of this vid I did a riff and I had my distortion on and you can hear that the guitar handles the distortion pretty good or electric guitar lessons in Miami. I like the front pickup. Sounds good with both pickups. Ten years later you can still play this 335 Hollow body. Larry Carlton uses a 335 a lot. I had this guitar for reasons for electric guitar lessons in Miami. It’s a real go to guitar and I like to look at it. Really sharp and classy looking instrument with the black body and white binding around it. The binding is more ornate than anything but it also covers up the imperfections where the glue joins, when they glue the top on to the body. This is the neck of the guitar, this is the fret board here. The frets are the small pieces of metal here that goes across the finger board. With electric guitar lessons in Miami, these frets are done very nicely by the way. When I run my two fingers along the edge they are not too burned meaning they are not too sharp or rough. When you are buying a guitar you can check for things like that. They are nice and smooth and has binding on the edges. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. On the Gibson the binding goes over the frets, that’s a Gibson tradition. On most other makes the frets goes over the bindings. These frets are done fairly well. As I said before, these are the volume controls for my pickups. These are the F holes. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. They are like the chamber holes and I don’t know if it affects the guitar that much. I’ve got a couple of guitars that has no F hole but is a hollow body. Maybe it affects the sound a little bit but not hugely. I think the hollow body part affects the sound of the guitar a lot and the pickups for sure, the type of wood it’s built from and how big the body is. That for sure would affect the sound quite a bit. Anyway, these controls again. Eletctric guitar lessons in Miami. One set of controls for the back pickup and one for the front.

I usually don’t use the tone. For the back pickup that’s my tone. It’s a nice thing to have because when you are in the middle position you can kind of alternate and bleed one pickup into the other so you have one pickup louder than the other and that gives you other options to the sound with electric guitar lessons in Miami. So trapezoid tail piece, pin style bridge, meaning the bridge is pinned into the body with some poles, humbucker pickups, this is the binding, this is the body, these are the F holes, this is the neck, this is the fret board, these are the frets, this is the headstock, and these are the tuners or machine heads. These are really god machine heads on this guitar too. And they are fully enclosed, three to one. These are a style that was made specifically for this brand of guitar. For electric guitar lessons in Miami, I’m sure the company ordered thousands of them when they building these guitars, because they built quite a few of them. It’s a pretty decent guitar. They are fully enclosed machine heads meaning you can’t see the gears. Some of the cheaper guitars won’t have that, but don’t let the fully enclosed fool you because some cheap machines do have fully enclosed heads. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. But these are sealed, and they are pinioned gear, fairly good quality. The guitar has its imperfections. One thing I would recommend for you is find yourself a good guitar technician. No matter whether you paid $5000 or $6000 for a guitar or whether it was $300 or $400 for a guitar, it still needs to be tweaked so you have to factor that into your budget. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. I want to talk about a few more things before we move on to the next guitar. There are guitars made in every country now that are really good. I would say Gibson, if you are buying a Gibson try them all and check them all out. One thing about frets is you can pull the strings back from your frets and take a look at how polished and smooth they are. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. If you are buying a used guitar, you can pull back the strings to see how much the frets are grooved. The more grooved they are the more playing time, it’s had. That can be repaired or replaced but it means more money which means you would have to get a better deal on the guitar. A fret job is usually between $150 and $200. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. So you would have to like the guitar a lot.

But even on a guitar like this where I only paid $850 for this guitar, when I wear it out, because I like it so much, I will re-fret it. It’s a nice guitar, I really like it. It’s not the price. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. It’s the feel of the neck, the body is great, and the pickups are awesome on this guitar. This is a Hagstrom built in China. This is the reissue of the Hagstrom. The Hagstrom was originally built in Sweden, but now they are built in China, and they’ve done very well. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. But they definitely need a setup. That’s my only criticism to it. And it’s not because for the price you can’t beat it. You spend another $100- $150 on the guitar for the setup, and you take it to a mechanic that was recommended. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Ask someone who plays a guitar or someone at a reputable music store. Make friends with the guys at the counter who play a guitar. Maybe you know someone who plays at clubs, or someone who is a professional musician, ask them where they take their guitars. Myself most of the time I do my repairs myself. And if I don’t have time to do them, because I do have a lot of guitars, and I’m really busy, then I send them to my ex-student Paul, who I trained, and he does guitars the way I like them done, because I am very particular about them. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Some of the better mechanics like Dan Irwine from StewMac, he has a list of all his customers he put in a book. So when his customer comes in he knows what type of strings he like, the type of action- action is the height or the amount of distance between the string (from underneath the string) to where it touches the fret. The amount of travel before you push the strings before it touches the fret. That is the action. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Now in all my guitars the cation is really good. Some the action is a little lower, some a little higher depending on what I’m using it for. But most of them have a fairly low action if am fretting the. If I’m playing slide I like to have a heavier set of strings and the action is a little higher. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. When I’m finger tapping I prefer to have a very low action, and some of the best guitars I have here for finger tapping are, the Ibanez Steve Vai Jem in the back, flower pattern, Japanese one, and that’s great for finger tapping because it has a very flat neck and wide frets and it has super low action. The other is the pink Kramer, which has super low action and is great for finger tapping too, and believe it or not, my Gibson SG is a great guitar for finger tapping because it has a fairly flat, wide neck and that’s what I like for tapping. Electric guitar lessons in Miami.

So those are things to think about because the fingerboards, some of them are more curved. When you sight down the board like this you see that some of them have a more curve, others are more flat. This one has a little bit of a curve to it but not too much. It has some nice features aside from the machine head and the binding. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. It has a really nice finish. They did an awesome job on the pickups. The pickups are really good sounding. I wouldn’t swap them out. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Sometimes when you buy a cheaper guitar, the pickups are not as great. I found that the SGs and Les Paul Epiphone were not a bad guitar for a beginner or intermediate, and even a pro, but the pickups weren’t that great and I would swap them out if I owned one of those. I personally would buy a Hagstrom before I buy an Epiphone because by the time you swap out the pickups on an Epiphone even though they are less money, you get really good pickups in the Hagstrom. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. So I would personally recommend. They have a Hagstrom super sweet which is like a Les Paul copy and that thing really kicks ass for a Les Paul. I don’t have one here today but I do have one in my collect. It’s a great guitar. Probably one of the best Les Paul copies. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. They are around the same price $800 with a nice hard shell case.

This is string nut here and it keeps the string spaced properly, and it also keeps them above the fret board because as they go off the nut and go towards the machine head, the strings need to be sitting on something other than the fret board because it needs to be elevated above the fret board. This is an important that a good technician will check to make sure that your string slots at the right height because that will also make a guitar difficult to play. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. It will affect your action and the intonation and the intonation is the string length distance here, and that a mechanic has to set too. Assuming that you are a beginner and less experienced, I am going to tell you that intonation is the string length and it’s adjustable from back here, from these little saddles, and the saddles are these little piece of metal that the strings sit on. It is moveable and it can slide forward or back depending on the thickness of your strings and how it sits on your guitar. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. They need fine adjustment for intonation. Intonation helps your guitar stay in tune. So if you’re playing at a higher spot on the guitar or you are playing with another instrument that helps the guitar stays in tune because as you go up higher there’s a default and you need this adjustment to set the default, and that’s called the intonation. So it’s a setup of the guitar, intonation is one of the things that is very important. Electric guitar lessons in Miami.

Intonation, action and a mechanical go over, pickup adjustment and a machine head adjustment. Usually when you go over to buy guitars from offshore, things shrink because they know the guitar is going to change if it comes from Indonesia or China or Korea. Those guitars are going to change, and the wood shrinks. So what may have been tight like the machine heads may have been tight at the factory but they may not be any more depending on how long they take to get from where they were manufactured to here. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Where I live on the west coast of Canada or the west coast of the US and your stuff comes from China and then it comes over the ocean I mean, it sits on the boat for a month, it sits on the dock. It takes a very long time to build from building of the block to assembling it, may take up to three months. Then it takes another long time to reach where it’s going. So all in all you can have a guitar that’s six months to a year old before it gets in your hands. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Easily even a couple of year old. Now this guitar is a 2006. Sometimes you can tell by the serial numbers so you can go online and the serial number has a date hidden in it, but it’s not always the same for each instrument. Whether you are buying a new or used guitar they still need to be set up. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. So like I said before, things settle because it comes from offshore and they take a little while and sit in the music store and people try them out, and nothing is wrong with that. I don’t think I have ever bought a guitar sight unseen, without having my hand on it. And I don’t think I ever will. I buy lots of parts on the internet because I know what parts I want but I have never bought a guitar online because I am very particular about how the guitar feels. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. So as a beginner that is one of the first things you want to think about. Don’t feel like a fool when you go into a music store because everybody knows how to play and you don’t. I had a student (an older student near 60) and he’s very self-conscious and he wanted to buy a very good acoustic guitar. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. But he felt that he doesn’t play very good that he was under confident, and he wanted to spend a couple grand on a guitar. He was going to New York to visit his family and do business and he knew this very famous guitar shop, and he was worried that all the pros went there to buy and he was just a man who didn’t know anything about guitars. These are my words of advice. I told him if it is the good guitar shop you are going into and you are honest with them, and you have an idea of what it is you want, and you are polite and don’t act like you know what you are doing when you don’t, they are going to help you out because most music stores that are pro don’t want you to come back unhappy. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. They want you to tell all your friends that they were a good place to buy a guitar. So my student to New York and told them, he didn’t know a lot about guitars, he was just learning, his teacher advised him to do this, I have a budget of $1500-$2000, and this is my situation, do you think you can help me out? So they played the guitars for him to hear and so on, and even though he did not buy a guitar right away, he had a good experience. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. It’s not about whether you know a lot or not. You are going to learn something from my video.

So this guitar I really like. It has a lot of pluses to it. Graphite is a natural lubricating material, when you tune your strings with your machine heads, the wrap of the string is dragged across the nut and that can bind on some materials. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. I don’t find that this material binds it all. It’s pretty smooth you know. And this guitar has a really good sound. You can get these in other colors for electric guitar lessons in Miami. There’s sunburst, and some with a little more gold deluxe, they cost a little more. If you make friends at the guitar store ask for recommendation for guitar technicians to do guitar repairs. A guitar that does not play very good can be very discouraging to the beginner taking electric guitar lessons in Miami. It may not stay in tune properly, it may be hard to press down on the strings. Getting an F chord or bar chord could seem impossible. Like some of the chords that sound the most out of tune on a guitar is not setup properly like a D chord or a C chord or a high bar chord. Electric guitar lessons in Miami.

Let me switch to my Kramer here and tell you a little story about this. Guitars don’t have to be expensive or new because this is an old one. It’s from the eighties. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. What I like about this guitar is it has separate switches for each pickup. And it’s only got a volume, no tone. I really like tis guitar. I didn’t pay very much for it. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. I paid $200 for it. I was driving through a small town, and I was in a traffic rush hour and I looked in the window of the pawn shop and this ting was sitting there. It was 5 minutes to 5, 5 minutes till the pawn shop close. And I ran in there, I got out of the traffic line and ran in there. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. And said hey man, is that an American Kramer in the window? The guy in the pawn shop was a real cranky old fart and said “that’s what it said on the guitar”. And I said “well, can I look at it?” He said “You have 5 minutes before I close”. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. So I had a look at it. It was pretty beat up. I didn’t think I was going to be able to save it. It was pretty rough. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. But I liked the neck and the hardware and I said if I could get this guitar cheap enough the original Floyd Rose, the pickups and the machine heads could be worth to just scrap the guitar and take the parts out and find another body and neck, if the body and neck could not be saved. In the end I got the guitar for 200, and it had the bar missing on it too. This is a Floyd Rose. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. It’s a floating bridge. What I mean by that is you can see here when I push down on the bar, the whole back end of the bar moves. What it does is it, loosens the tension of the strings. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. On this type of bridge, you can go a long way so you can do all the Eddie Van Halen bomb drops. This was invented by Eddie Van Halen and Floyd Rose. They asked Eddie, (I remember the interview very clearly), how comes he didn’t take credit for the invention of the Floyd Rose, and he said “Floyd was my next door neighbor. He was the machinist who did all the metal work on the prototypes, and he needed the money, and I just wanted a good bar.” Electric guitar lessons in Miami. So Eddie was pretty gracious that way. But Eddie Van Halen is a brilliant electric guitar player. One of the best. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. And he’s a brilliant inventor. He has invented a few things, and the Floyd Rose is one of them. Out of all the bar systems, I prefer the Floyd Rose the best. Electric guitar lessons in Miami.

There are some downfalls to it. See up here is a locking nut. What that does is cancel out the machine heads and tuning pegs here. Why you would want to do that is on a guitar when it’s tuned to constant pitch with a set of 9 gage strings, that’s from the thinnest being 9, 11, 16, 24, 32, 42 and that’s the thousandth of an inch. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. That’s the gage. That’s what I call a light gage string, a 9. The tension of the strings is over 110 pounds which is about 55 kg. That is a lot of string pressure on this little thin piece of wood here, right? Electric guitar lessons in Miami. And when you drop the tension of the string- like I can bring this one right down as you can see. The strings are absolutely out of tune now, nothing there right? – And then it can go right back up to in tune, that’s a lot of pressure change. So there’s a problem, when you want to do that kind of pressure change, what will happen is the wrap on your tuning peg posts will unravel, because of course you are releasing the tension on the string. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. And that’s an issue because when you are going from 110 pounds to zero and then back, what’s the chance the strings (because this is the spring cavity in the back here, and it’s accessible by taking the cap off and adjusting with a screw driver. The reason you would want to do that is to level out the bar). That’s the adjustment fork. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. So the locking nuts there, once you get them strung up, because this type of bar doesn’t use a ball end. You take a look at a raw string out of the package it’s got a little brass ball end on it. Well you don’t need to use that on here. On this bar, one end of the string is clamped into the bar by an EQ adjustment. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. It pinches the end of the string and plays and it sits in there. The other end is wrapped around the tuning machine and when it’s tuned up to pitch it is clamped here. So now you have no issues with unravelling the strings, the ball end coming out of the hook or anything, or even the ball end unravelling with that kind of a pressure change. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. And you can go from zero right back up.

Now, what’s the use of a treble bar? I will talk about that in a second and give you an idea of what I use it for. Eddie Van Halen uses it a lot if you are familiar with him. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Like I said this guitar is a really good finger tapping guitar because it’s flat, nice and narrow. It’s really responsive to that kind of playing. Now the floating bridge thing, what happens is it has to be adjusted and the tension of the string has to equal the tension of the strings. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Whatever that is. Thicker strings, tension goes up. Different tuning, tensions change again. So the downfall with this guitar is it’s really a one kind of tuning guitar.  Electric guitar lessons in Miami. That’s why I have some many different ones here because they are not all tuned in to the same thing. For example, this guitar is tuned to standard E, It’s my Floyd Rose, tuned to standard E. The Steve Vai Jem with the flower pattern, is like a Floyd Rose tune to E flat seven, or a V sharp if you want to call it that. A half step lower. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. So that guitar stays in E flat. This one stays in E. The reason for it is, every time you change a string, if you don’t change with the exact gage the Floyd Rose is setup for it throws the tension adjustment out and the bar doesn’t sit right. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. It will sit backward or forward depending on whether you put a thicker string on or a thinner one. It will throw the whole adjustment of the guitar and the playability of the guitar. So if you have a professional set up for your Floyd, make sure you change the strings to the exact same gage and the same brand because different brands are wrapped differently, and they change tension a little bit, the tension on them is a little different, because if the guitar is adjusted to certain type of gage and brand that’s what you have to keep it to. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. The downfall with a Floyd Rose is that if you break a string, it goes totally out of tune. So if you are doing a gig or a show, you have to have a spare. It’s a little more of a mechanical endeavor. It takes you a little more time to change the string on a Floyd. Then it is on a stock tail piece or even on a trapezoid like on my Hagstrom. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. The Hagstrom is an easier guitar to change the string on than this one. Plus it goes out of tune so badly, it’s either a trapezoid style or like my SG with what they call a stock tail piece. The strings, if you break one it doesn’t go out of tune very much. Just a little bit but not like a Floyd Rose would totally go out of tuning where you couldn’t even finish the song with it. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. You just have to put it down. So that’s the down fall to it. It’s a down fall if you’re a beginner because it’s temperamental with tuning. You have to understand the mechanics of it. I would not recommend it to a beginner, but if you have one then I hope this helps you to understand the guitar a little more. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. As I mentioned before, this is the humbucker here, and these two are the single coils. That’s just a different combination of sounds. As I was saying earlier about this guitar, I liked it because I’ve got an individual switch for each one of my pickups. Down is on, and up is off. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Right now I’m running all three pickups. This guitar sounds incredibly good. You heard that bomb drop I did at the end right? That’s what I use this for. Stays in tune. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. You get lots of different sounds out of the guitar. So that’s the reason for having these different bars, getting these different sounds. And there’s lots of bar techniques used. I can’t tell it all in this lesson. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. But, I wanted to help you out. This guitar is a bolt on neck. You can see it here, four bolts. Some people argue with you and say it’s better to have a pinned neck or a pinned down body, but I disagree for electric guitar lessons in Miami. The bolt on neck can be just as good, as a neck through or a pinned on neck like my Hagstrom. It just depends on the manufacturer and how good a quality it was. So obviously this guitar ended up surviving and I ended up saving it because I liked it so much because the neck was beautiful. I redid the frets. I had to. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. And I went around to the different cosmetic shops and found a pink nail polish and started touching up the guitar. When played in the lights it looks great because there are tints of purple, silver and pink in it and it changes color in the colored lights on stage. If you play good, and your guitar looks good, then you have something to offer as an entertainer. But I love the guitar. Eletric guitar lessons in Miami. It’s great. It has a Seymour Duncan Humbucker in the back. Seymour Duncan made some great pickups. This is the Jeff Beck model. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. It was stock original in it. How much would it have cost you to get this done by a guitar addition? Well I paid $220 for the guitar. Another $15 for the missing treble bar, I would put it at about $300. So the guitar cost $700 by the time it was all done it I were to pay for my labor. Electric guitar lessons in Miami.

How much would a good guitarlike this cost? Well, first of all you can’t even buy an American guitar for $115 any more that’s any good. This was a top of the line Kramer at the time, back in the eighties this guitar was almost two thousand dollars ($2000). Electric guitar lessons in Miami. So to put in that time into a guitar like this was definitely worth it and it would be for you too. If it’s the guitar you liked there’s a beautiful neck on this guitar Strat style body. This is designed from a Strat like my G&L over here, the green one with the white pick card. It’s a double cutaway. Electric guitar lessons in Miami are great for  my hollow-body there is a double cutaway. As a matter of fact, I only brought two guitars here that have single cut-away. The Danelectro you see has a single cutaway there and I’ll get to that in a minute and my cheap Chinese hollow body back here. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. The sunburst hollow-body it’s got a single cutaway. The rest of them have two cutaways. A cutaway is so you can get up into the higher fret region easier. Some guitars are easier to get up into that higher fret region. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. When you’re purchasing an electric guitar you’ll want to check things like that out. If you don’t play very well like I said before, bring a friend that you know that plays a little bit. Bring somebody that knows how to play really well. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. If you can’t do either then go to a music store that wants to serve you and wants to help you and tell them the truth tell them “listen I don’t play yet I’m wanting to buy a guitar. I have read a book or I have done some research on buying a guitar and I need your help. Would you mind demonstrating a few guitars for me? My budget is…” tell them your budget and whether you’re looking for a solid-body or a hollow-body. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Ask them what they like, ask them to play some chords on it, ask them to play a song or two, some riffs, ask them to play something on the guitar for you so they can demonstrate it. Then you sit down with the guitar and ask yourself how does this feel? Does it feel good, like when I sit with it is it comfortable? During electric guitar lessons in Miami, I wrap my hand around the neck if you’re a smaller body person, you’re short, you don’t want that big fat body like my Hagstrom because it’s a big body and your arms got to wrap around it more. You will want to find something that has a smaller body to it. My hands are fairly big but if you got smaller hands you might want to find a smaller neck that feels more comfortable. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. So you have to picture your hand on the neck of the guitar and say to yourself does this feel good? Would I be happy playing this for hours a day for the next few years? Would I be satisfied with this? You have to ask yourself that question and if you know a few chords, by all means, play the chords. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. You know, how does it feel? How does it sound? You know, how does the guitar sound? See I like this guitar because not only does it sound amazing when it’s distorted but it sounds really good clean. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. The great guitar you know and well worth the money that I put into it I don’t think I put in $700. I would say it was more like maybe $400. You know, because I did the work over a long period of time and it was a hobby. Some people collect butterflies, some people collect bugs, some people collect stamps, I collect guitars. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Sorry man. That’s my hobby. It’s hard to separate my hobby from my work because it just seems to be one continuous thing. But I do enjoy saving old guitars like this because it was pretty wrecked when I got it, but it’s a gorgeous guitar now. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. No it’s not for sale. Buzz off. Get your own. So there’s my story on this guitar I think I have covered quite a bit for you on the tremolo bar but will show you more during your electric guitar lessons in Miami.

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Dyce Kimura Provides Electric Guitar Lessons in Miami

How do you tune this thing when the locking nut is in place? There are fine tuners at the back right here and they can be readjusted or re-equalized by unlocking the nut here and tuning here. Tuning back up and then locking back down and using the fine tuners. Sometimes you have to realign the fine tuners because you have ran out of adjustment. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Then you have to unlock it and use the big machine heads here to tune the guitar. That’s the downfall it’s a mechanical thing there’s another option I’m going to go to that right now. I think I’m going to go to my G&L Strat. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. That will be next.

Now this one’s got a story to it too. This guitar fell out of a truck at about forty miles an hour. It was at the back of the tailgate. Somebody was doing a gig. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. It wasn’t very old when it fell out of the truck. New, these are mid 2000, $2500 and $2600. It’s a really expensive guitar. I got it for eight hundred ($800) with the hard-shell case, not the original hard-shell case that it fell out of the truck with. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Now I didn’t know at the time the whole history to the guitar. I looked at it and played it and thought this is a good deal for a guitar that’s so expensive. Why is it a good deal? I started to look at it and I could tell by the way it was it played horrible it just didn’t play good at all. And I discovered the reason why it didn’t play very well was because of the shock, and the way it was dropped out of the truck. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. And I had to experiment with this guitar for a while but at an eight hundred dollar price tag for a twenty-five hundred dollar guitar, I would say that was motivation enough and I figured I could fix it and I did, and it’s one of my favorite Strats. Strat is the style shape it was originally a Leo Fender invented the Stratocaster and GNL stands for George Fullerton and Leo Fender, because when Leo sold out Fender musical instruments in 1965 he sold it to CBS Corporation. He wasn’t allowed to build guitars for a while. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. He signed a promise that he would stay out of the building industry for a while but eventually he got bored and went back to building. And when he did go back to building he went back with his old building buddy George and that’s what the G&L stands for. George and Leo. Now Leo has passed away and his family is still building really nice guitars. These are high-quality guitars. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. They need very little setup on them, when you buy this particular type of guitar. If you buy it new but it still needs a little setup this guitar has a floating bridge on it. But it’s not a locking bridge. It doesn’t have the fine tuners at the back but it’s got a fulcrum. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. It’s got two pins like the Floyd Rose. It’s a blade and then there’s a pin and the blade from the pressure of the string. And it’s also got the spring adjustment in the back you can see it right there. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. The blade of this metal bar plate sits on an adjustable screw so you can lower or raise the plate, and that blade is pushed up against the screw and it rocks back and forth and that’s what’s called a fulcrum. The old traditional, I don’t have a traditional, no, not today. I don’t have a traditional Strat bar today, but usually the traditional Strat bar the old ones, are just six screws that were screwed into the wood. They are not as good as a fulcrum in my opinion. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. The newer Strats with fulcrums on them are pretty good. This one’s got locking machine heads instead of a locking neck. This is another alternative. It’s still a downfall because it’s still a floating bridge. The interesting thing is these are Leo designed, Leo Fender designed. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. These are single coils but they are staggered. Too many single coils staggered side by side they still have the single coil sound. But as you remember me telling you before, when they designed the humbucker the reason why they call it a humbucker is because it stopped the hum that was bucking and you know getting rid of it humbucker, humbucking getting rid of the hum. Because the two coils together created a different field magnetic field which dropped the noise level. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. The microphonic noise level so this one kind of does the same thing, but still gives me the single coil sound. Another great Leo Fender. Also I haven’t changed the volume of my amp or anything since I have been playing this guitar so you can hear quite a difference in some of the volume of the guitars depending on the pickups. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. So depending on where it’s made and how it’s made and how the pickups are wound, can be a big difference in the sound of the guitar this is a lovely guitar and I did finally get it working properly. Took me a long time, I would say it was about three hundred Dollars ($300) for the labor maybe four. But it’s still a really good deal because if you add that up its still way underpriced for a beauty like this. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. And there were a few marks in it but I managed to take the marks out so it looks new. It’s not. I have really played it a lot. And it wasn’t brand new when I bought it although it was fairly new. I think it was a couple months old when they dropped it out of the back of the truck. The owner wasn’t smart enough (this is where you have to be smart) the owner wasn’t smart enough, to spend the money to take it to a good technician because it would have saved him from buying another guitar. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. He just was not happy with the guitar after it was dropped. It never played the same. I can see why now because it took a little work to figure it out but once I got it figured out it’s been really good. And you’d never know it was dropped out of a truck or damaged that bad. You can’t tell anymore because I have done the work during my electric guitar lessons in Miami.

As I mentioned before the alternative to locking nut is locking machine heads. You don’t have to have a fine-tuner to lock machine heads because locking machine heads not only locks the string in place so you don’t have to wrap. Notice if you look at my string post here on the machine head the strings aren’t wrapped. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Well how the heck do those strings hold in there if they are not wrapped around the post? Well they have an adjustment at the back here on the headstock. This is a tightening device and what it does is there’s a pinch block that’s a hollow shaft and when you run your string through the hole you can use this pinch block by tightening it back down, and it just like a little vice pinches the string into place so it doesn’t move. So you don’t have to wrap the string around the string post. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. That way when you release the tension of the string and bring it back up the tuning issue is pretty much over with, because you don’t have the string unraveling with the tension and then trying to ravel itself back up. Because obviously when you use the floating bridge and all that tension is on the string and then you release the tension by dropping the bar and lowering the tension the string starts to unravel and then when the bar pulls back, it doesn’t pull the string back. The string will never ravel itself back up where it was before. So what’s the chance of it ever going back in tune? Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Well very little. But with the locking machine head on there and a graphite nut, you’ll notice there’s a graphite nut so that the strings don’t bind when the pressure is changed. Because the string moves back and forth this way through the string that the tension is released and brought back. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. So this is a great guitar. I like this guitar a lot it’s a good one so you don’t have to pay a lot for a guitar to get a good one. But you have to know what you’re doing with them and if you don’t know what you’re doing then take it so someone who does know what they are doing and get some recommendations. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Every good guitar technician will have recommendations. They will have references or other people that recommend them because you’re taking your baby in you know. I mean my guitars are really personal. If I’m going to take it to someone to repair it, it better be someone who cares about what they are doing. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Because I’m not going to take it to just whoever even if it’s a three hundred dollar guitar. I’m not going to do that. So do some research. Find somebody in your area that has a really good rep. It’s not unusual to wait a week for a guitar. I’d say two weeks max if the guy is really busy. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Get somebody that really knows what they are doing. Dan Irwine from Stew MacDonald is a good engineer technician. Amazing. I have learnt a lot from that guy about repairing guitars just on the internet and just by going through their magazine and parts and tools for electric guitar lessons in Miami.  There’s always something to learn. Boys and girls, always something to learn. And I love to work on guitars I have never worked on because you discover things. Perks about certain guitars and you learn their character and their personality. I love stuff like that. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. But get a good guitar technician. It’s worth it. Find a guitar that would normally be priced a thousand bucks and you buy it if it’s damaged or it’s in rust shape. Put a lot of elbow grease into it and you clean it up real good and then you bring it to a guitar technician. You can save yourself some money that way by cleaning the instrument up. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Don’t use water. Use a dry soft cloth. You can even spit on it, a little bit of spit because a lot of times if it was owned by somebody that played a jam or did some singing the saliva from their mouth as they sing it gets sprayed onto the instrument. It just does and you can take a soft cotton cloth and spit on the cloth and your spit will take the other spit off. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. And it’s a thing called spit polish, you can actually do that. There’s other cleaners there but I mean I have taken really old guitars that were really rough that way because the person owning it was singing off it for a long time and they spit all over it from their singing from the saliva from the mouth and I just literally spit polished the guitar and it looked really good after I cleaned it up. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. So you see, you can do things like that for yourself by not doing anything dumb and just cleaning up the instrument real nice so it’s not filthy dirty

when you take it in to the mechanic. He’ll appreciate that or if you don’t know what you’re doing you tell a mechanic. You pay him extra, can you please bring my guitar back up as good as you can clean it back up for me. And you pay him for it. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. They won’t mind if they are going to get paid for it. It’s just when you bring a filthy guitar in and you’re tight on your money and you don’t want to pay, well nobody wants to work on your guitar. Don’t do that. Respect the mechanic if he’s got a good reputation. Be professional about the way you deal with it even if you don’t know a lot about what you are doing. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Ask questions politely. They don’t mind answering some of the questions but don’t expect to learn it all in one step. And like I said the floating bridge is not what I really recommend for a beginner because you have to deal with the mechanical end of the guitar. Takes a little more skill that you learn from electric guitar lessons in Miami.

So this is my G&L. Lovely guitar. Love it, but I’m going to go to something that’s really inexpensive. One of my cheaper guitars. Brand new, I bought this. It’s about fifteen(15) years old now. I know it doesn’t look that way. I baby my guitars. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. This is the Danelectro. This is the Korean model. You get them pretty cheap online. They weren’t very expensive to begin with. Very nice shaped neck on this one. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Machine heads aren’t super expensive but they are pretty decent. They are not as nice as the ones on my Hagstrom or my Kramer but they have served their purpose really well. They are kind of middle of the road machine head but they are retro looking and they look good. They suit the instrument. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. The original Danelectros were made out of recycled parts. This has single coil pickups in it and they are lipstick coil pickups. Originally these pickups used back in the 50’s, ladies lipstick came in metal lipstick containers and they were round like this, and millions of them were thrown out. And the guy that invented the Danelectro guitar took these lipstick cases and made magnetic coils and fit them into the lipstick cases, and that’s why they call them the lipstick coil pickup. For electric guitar lessons in Miami they don’t use the old lipstick tubes anymore because they don’t make lipstick tubes out of metal anymore like they did back then. But they copied them and they made the same pickup and this is a very good reissued copy. The Korean ones are some of my favorite Danelectro reissues I got. I got a 6 string bass and this one. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. I bought a bunch of them when they first came out because it used to be you could only find the American ones. And Jimmy Paige is one of the guys that made the Danelectro really popular, he played slide on his Danelectro and lots of other people use them too. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Stevie Ray Vaughan used a Danelectro on his family style album so did Jimi Vaughan. I think most good guitar players have lipstick coil pickup guitars in their collection because the lipstick single coil have a unique sound to them with electric guitar lessons in Miami. They don’t sound quite the same as the humbucker. The humbuckers have more bass in them, more power to them and usually a little louder. The single coils usually a little thinner sounding and a little higher ending. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. The lipstick coils aren’t very strong sounding but they have a lovely chime sound. You can hear it in the guitar. This is a very good guitar I have used it for studio sessions, for playing out for gigs, for recording sessions ,for teaching. I’m using it right now to teach you and I have used it on my videos when the mood is right. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. This has definitely got a different sound to it. This guitar I knew was around the three hundred dollar mark ($300). I think they are a little more now. They are made in china I have actually got a Chinese Danelectro now. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. I call it the Jimmy Paige, Danelectro because it’s a copy of what Jimmy Paige used in the early days which was the back double cut away Danelectro with the two single coils in it, and a black matt finish with a white pick card on it. You will see it if you look at some pictures of Jimmy Paige in the early days when he was first becoming famous and that’s made in China. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. You know what, that’s a good guitar too it’s really good. Both these guitars needed about seventy five dollars ($75) worth of setup on it. But once they are setup they are really good. They got bolt on necks. This one’s got five bolts in it. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. It’s actually a very nice guitar to play. It is light, it sounds good. Has a little more tendency to feedback because of the type of pickups in it. I don’t think I can get it to feedback here because I’m not at a volume where it’ll feedback. Electric guitar lessons in Miami.  No I have to be at a higher volume to get it to feedback like the volume get over a drummer. But anyway this guitar was around the three hundred mark ($300) and then I spent another seventy five ($75) on it and it went up around the four hundred mark ($400). By the way when you buy a guitar, make sure you buy a case for it. If you buy a guitar used somewhere and it doesn’t have a case get a case for it. With electric guitar lessons in Miami go somewhere and get a case, at least a gig bag. Because if you go through all this work for your poor guitar and then you carry it around without a case it’s really hard on the guitar. I just want to kill people that come in and I just spent hours tweaking their guitar making it real nice and I go “where’s your case “and they go “oh I don’t have a case for it”. And if it’s my student I tell them you know what I’m not giving you this guitar until you get a case. You can forget it because after I put all that love and that work into the guitar you’re just going to walk out the door into the cold air or into the heat or into the rain or whatever with this guitar exposed? Electric guitar lessons in Miami. No you’re not going to do that. Get a case even if it’s a gig bag for thirty bucks ($30). It’s better than none. I would suggest a hard-shell case if you’re going to move it around a lot because it protects the guitar. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. So this is a great guitar that Danelectro reissues. They are really good and they are reasonably priced in-between the three to five hundred dollar range depending on what model. They’ve got quite a few different models. It do need setup because they won’t stay in tune right off the rack, most of them. If you find one that does then you’re lucked out. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Most of them do settle because they are made off shore and they need some room to settle but great guitars once they are setup. Simple. This one’s got the TV knobs on it so the brown knob here is for the tone and the white knob is for the volume and we have one for each pickup one for the front one for the back. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. That’s your selector switch in the middle is both pickups. Great guitar for the price. Really happy with this guitar and the other Chinese Danelectro. When they were first making the Dan electros in China I didn’t like them but the quality now is really good that I actually own a couple of them now. And I like them both. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. They both sound really good. Very good guitar for a beginner if you’re on a budget and you don’t want to buy used, because you don’t know what you’re doing and you want to get a decent guitar you’ll always use even when you become a better player. It’s a handy thing to have in your arsenal of tools sound tools. Electric guitar lessons in Miami.

I have got one more guitar to show you to end this just for fun. And it’s the fact that if you know a little bit about the guitar and this is the one sitting up on my amplifier right here. This poor thing this was fifteen dollars ($15) at a pawn shop. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. It had no strings on it. It was pretty rough but it was fifteen dollars. It’s a late sixties early seventies Japanese model guitar. It’s a hollow body and it’s a true hollow body and it’s kind of in-between hollow body. I’m obviously not going to get to my other guitar today because I spent some time with these. Doesn’t matter the point is to give you a good idea of what to do when you’re buying a guitar. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. It’s not for me to show off all my guitars. I wouldn’t have time to do it all but just as an example this wasn’t a very expensive guitar it was fifteen bucks but I like the neck. Now this guitar with distortion in a band volume isn’t super great because it’s a full hollow body and it tends to want to feedback. But you know what it sounds pretty good and same kind of setup here with the selector switches in the different spots and the headstock is up here  this one is down here you know. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. We have a separate volume and tone. There’s a bunch of things missing on it, but for fifteen bucks the whammy arm was missing and I found one in my collection of parts because I collect things. I go into pawnshops go into music stores and if I see something I might be able to use I buy it because I might be able to use it later on. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. There’s a volume knob missing. These three are original, this one isn’t but I kind of found one that kind of matches it enough for it to work. The setup work on this was a hundred and fifty ($150) but you know what it’s a cool guitar for a hundred and fifty dollar setup less that two hundred bucks($200) for this guitar. I use it not as much as my other guitars. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. It’s just a cool guitar but it would be pretty good for somebody that was just beginning out on a limited budget because it plays good and its intonated and stays tuned and it’s even got a tremble bar. And when I say tremble bar I mean this is the type of bar that is a copy of a Biggs B. This is the type of bar you only want to shake the string. That’s what a tremble is a vibrato right. Electric guitar lesson in Miami. Because if you use it like Eddie Van Halen did with the big bomb drop like I was showing you earlier with the pinky it’ll go out of tune. It definitely will go out of tune. So there you go fifteen dollar guitar and I put a hundred and fifty into it. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. You have to be prepared to put a few bucks into it but like I said if you get a good technician it’s well worth it if you find a guitar. I really like the neck on this guitar. It’s very similar to the Kramer neck. It’s got a feel like that so for a cheap guitar it’s actually pretty cool. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. This is a bolt on neck. This one has the bolts kind of recessed. There was a cap over this before but I never did get around to finding another cap but it doesn’t matter you know. There’s a few nicks and marks but it really is in good shape. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. It’s almost like forty years old now and although these pickups look like they are humbuckers they are not. They are just a big fat single coil. I know because I have taken them apart. Sometimes the old Japanese guitars they’ll fool you. It’ll look like a humbucker but it’s not, but it’s still a good sounding pickup. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. I love the front pickup it sounds really good and as you can hear it reacted fairly nicely to the distortion. Pretty cool little piece in the collection. A specialty instrument that I would use for certain sounds but it’s a lot of fun and it was a project. I did the work myself and it was just something I did over a period of time. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. But I like the guitar. No, it’s not for sale. I’m hoping that this has really opened your mind to what kind of a guitar you need and that way when you go to buy one you have an idea of what you are doing and I wish you all the luck with that too. If you check out my acoustic lesson my acoustic video on buying an acoustic guitar you’ll also pick up some other tips from that. If you combine them with this you would be pretty knowledgeable to go out and buy a guitar for yourself. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. There’s other things that I didn’t talk about like amplifiers because when you buy an electric guitar you have to have an amplifier. I just don’t have the time to get into that. Maybe I’ll do another video at one point about buying amplifiers but for now it’s about the guitar. But an amplifier is just as important to your sound as your guitar. Electric guitar lessons in Miami. Once you get your guitar all tweaked and working you need a decent amplifier. Doesn’t have to be big but it should be a good quality. I like tube amps but that would be another discussion. So if you like my style of teaching once you find yourself a guitar maybe you will be searching for a good teacher.