Miami Advanced Guitar Teacher | Changing Vacuum Tubes in Preamp


All right people, check it out, this is Dyce Kimura and I am a Miami advanced guitar teacher at your service.  I am re-tubing one of my amps at this point, these just came in the mail, these are preamp tubes, 12 87,   I’ve got two 12 87 from TAD, Tube Amp Doctor and I got JJ ECC 832 gold from JJ obviously, and I’m going to re-tube my fender amp and just walk  through a few things, some of these things may be obvious to some of you more seasoned players, but I get a lot […] Read more

Miami Beginner Guitar Teacher | How Guitar Teaching has Changed in 30 years

Hi this Dyce Kimura, a Miami beginner guitar teacher.  The guitar is really hard to play. It really is. Sometimes I forget that because I’ve been doing it for so long. But if I keep teaching people and stuff I realize this stuff is hard. It’s hard to figure it out by yourself. It really is great to have a game like Guitar Pro or, I’m sorry Guitar Hero. Guitar Pro is another thing. Guitar Pro, Songster, these are online applications and programs that make it really easy to play because you can get a song, you can download […] Read more

North Miami Guitar teacher | How Guitar Teaching has changed in 30 years

Hi there, folks. My name is Dyce Kimura. I’m a full-time North Miami guitar teacher and a full-time guitar player. Also, I’ve been studying the guitar for about thirty years. This is actually my 30th year playing guitar. I want to talk to you about how much learning guitar has changed in the last thirty years. In the thirty years I’ve been playing guitar, what’s changed and why and how; and how does that affect you as a beginner guitar player if you want to start to learn to play.

There’s a lot of variables to discuss from my perspective as […] Read more

Miami Blues Guitar Teacher | Analogman Big T Fender N3 Telecaster Pickup Review

Hey, what’s up friends. This is Dyce Kimura I’m a Miami blues guitar teacher and I’m doing a review of the Analog Man Big-T Tele pickup for the neck. I’m also going to do a review for the Fender N3 bridge pickup. This review is by popular demand. I kept getting emails, every couple of weeks I get another email, because a while ago I did a review of this pickup. I would constantly get these emails of people saying, “Can you do another one, but do it with a clean guitar channel.” I finally relented. This is your […] Read more

Miami Electric Guitar Teacher | Why I play a Strat

Miami electric guitar teacher Dyce Kimura here folks! Today I am going to talk about the Stratocaster, particularly this Strat. I am going to talk to you about why I play a Strat. I wanted to get into to some specific features about this Strat that I’ve had since 1999. Why do I play this Strat? One of the reasons I like it, is it cuts through the mix. It’s a very clean, crunchy tone. Okay?

That was a half-tone. I’m at half-tone with these pickups. You can get a really nice bold, bluesy tone with your front […] Read more

Miami Guitar Teacher | Beginner Guitar FAQ

Beginner Guitar FAQs | Miami Guitar Teacher

Miami guitar teacher Dyce Kimura here, and I want to do an FAQ video today for people that are just starting to learn guitar. You might have a few questions. I get asked a series of questions, usually one of these questions every single day in my teaching studio. I just want to address them in a video. I’m going to read off these questions and then I’m going to answer them after that.

These are the questions, I put this list together, that I typically get asked. Should […] Read more