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A powerful singing voice isn’t easy to come by for all people.  Most need to practice and work long hours to achieve a powerful voice without causing damage to the body. Dyce Kimura offers Fort Lauderdale singing lessons that help aspiring vocalists meet their goals, but in the interim, here are a few pointers to get you started.

Mixing Head and Chest Voice

The most important tip for developing a powerful voice is learning how to mix the head voice and the chest voice together. This is as difficult as it sounds, so don’t become frustrated or give up if it doesn’t happen immediately. To begin, practice melding the two together using the NG consonant. Maintain the idea of the voice as a train track, laid out and consistent all the way around. Be sure to avoid putting added pressure on one note over another because this will cause the note to become too heavy, and by extension, will cause the head and chest voices to separate. If this happens, the power in the voice is immediately decreased.

The Diaphragm

Once you’ve mastered the concept of meshing the head and chest voices, the next step is to fill the diaphragm and try to keep it full throughout the vocalization. This will feel odd at first, but after practicing the technique it will become second nature. A full diaphragm helps give the voice depth and adds to the power level available. However, having a full diaphragm leads to a concern regarding equal ultimacy – that is, equal tension on every pitch. Working to maintain equal amounts of tension at every pitch is a relevant factor to remember when singing with a full diaphragm. Without equal ultimacy, the voice may shake or crack, and will lose the power that filling the diaphragm created.

Crying Quality

The difference between crying and yelling may not be immediately apparent, but consider how loud a baby or child becomes when they cry compared to an adult attempting to yell over the child. Inevitably, the child is able to produce more power with his voice. Dyce Kimura’s Fort Lauderdale singing lessons teaches employing a crying quality to the voice will push the power up another notch, allowing the voice to open up and reverberate with intensity. Crying quality releases the voice, whereas yelling tightens it up. Learning to sing into your mix with a crying quality instead of a yelling quality will enhance the power and depth you are able to produce with your voice.  Learn more about this topic here.


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