How to Play Hotel California on Acoustic Guitar

This is a basic chord version of Hotel California on the acoustic guitar. The chords are
| Bm | F#7 | A | E | verse X 2
| G | D | Em | F#7 |

| G | D | Em | Bm | chorus
| G | D | Em | F#7 |

If you are just starting out, play all the chords 4 times each initially until you start to get a feel for the song. After you establish the groove and are comfortable playing with the actual song, (on CD, MP3 or youtube) then try to add more embelishments.
In this lesson I demonstrate up and down strumming techniques and more complex arpeggios and chord voicings. I also demonstrate independently moving bass lines and melodic movement inside of the chord movement.
Also try to catch the chordal climb I teach at the 4:21 minute mark-its very cool!


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