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If you love to sing, it’s not a question of if you will strain your voice—but WHEN you will strain it.  So before you feel your voice faltering, it would be a good idea to stock up on a few items (if you don’t already have them), according to Dyce Kimura, a well-regarded guitarist and singer who provides Fort Lauderdale singing lessons.  Dyce recommends that you get a few bottles of your favorite bottled water, any kind of soothing tea, salt, and a few whole lemons.  You’ll probably have most of these items in your kitchen already; but making sure you have them now will save you a headache later on.

Tips from a professional Fort Lauderdale singing coach

The first method Dyce suggests is gargling with warm salt water.  Just mix in a few tablespoons of salt with a cup of warm—not hot—water.  Then, lean your throat back and gargle for a few minutes or so.  Doing so helps to relax your vocal chords, and soothe your throat.  Remember not to make the water hot.  Water that’s extreme in temperature will actually stress your vocal chords.


Another great method to restore a strained voice is drink lemon water.  Just cut open a fresh lemon and squeeze the juices into a glass of water.  About a half-lemon is optimal.  Lemons are acidic, and the acidity can end up aggravating your voice.  Also, room-temperature water is the best bet.  “Remember, extremes in temperature will end up hurting your voice more than they help,” Dyce advises.


Naturally, the best way to restore your voice is to not use it.  Give yourself a few days off from speaking.  Be proactive and let others know you’re trying to rest your voice: get a small sticker and marker, and write “I’m on vocal rest,” on the sticker, applying it to your shirt.  “It might seem pretty extreme, but it works!” Dyce proclaims.


Shh… Ft Lauderdale vocal coach reveals secret: stop whispering


Be warned, however: whispering DOESN’T help.  Whispering actually will make your voice worse—because it stresses your vocal chords.


Of course, taking good care of yourself, in general, will help restore your voice.  Besides sleeping enough, regular physical exercise, and drinking plenty of fluids, one easy way to help restore your voice is by taking vitamins regularly.  Vitamin C, Echinacea, and a good multivitamin each have properties that help restore the vocal chords.


And while no one wants to be without the ability to sing, some time away from singing might just give you a deeper appreciation for singing.  “I know that the few times I’ve had to take time off from singing due to a strained voice, when I do come back, I return with a deeper appreciation for singing—and really give it my all!” states Dyce.

Ft. Lauderdale singing coach advises how to prevent strain

Naturally, once you heal your voice, you’ll want to sing without ruining your voice.  For this, Dyce has some first-rate tips.

First, remember that singing—even powerfully—doesn’t require a lot of force.  Instead, remember three things, Dyce implores:

1)      Take a deeper breath:  a strong breath from your stomach should power your voice.

2)      Don’t hit, or attack, the notes so hard: a deep breath will give you force—not yelling.

3)      Keep your mouth more open.

For that last step, Dyce recommends a helpful visualization trick: “Imagine the inside of your mouth as a C; then enlarge that, from a small c to a BIG C.  Opening your mouth to the shape of a BIG C gives the air more room to move around in,” Dyce recommends.

And once you use Dyce’s tips to sing without straining—you’ll greatly reduce the chance that you ever hurt your voice.

Finally, it’s important to get a good voice teacher who can answer any questions you may have, and help you along your musical path.  Dyce Kimura is a renowned guitarist and singer providing Fort Lauderdale singing lessons.


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