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Learning to sing and play guitar at the same time can be a daunting challenge for the beginner. Here, Dyce Kimura, a top musician teaching guitar and providing Fort Lauderdale singing lessons will show you how to do both—easily—while having fun, by breaking the process down into just a handful of simple steps.

Before you begin:

Before you get started, it’s important to remember that even the greatest musicians are still human—and can only think about one thing at a time. It’s important that you acquire some guitar basics under your fingertips, before attempting to add singing into the mix. If you’re still thinking about a song’s chord changes—or basic strumming—you may not be ready for singing and playing guitar at the same time.


“The most important thing to remember,” Dyce offers, “is that, like anything else, the more you try singing while playing, the easier it gets!”
Getting started: guitar parts
First, pick a song that you already know well. An old blues, or basic rock song with just a few chords will be ideal; that way, the entire process will be easier once you add the vocals. Listen to the song as much as possible. Listen to it on headphones, or while you’re driving—during any free time you have. Learn to recognize the guitar part inside & out, BEFORE you ever sit down to play.
Then, sit down and learn the guitar part on your guitar. Practice it until it becomes effortless. Practice it until you can know it so well that you can “talk it out”—and play the song while having a conversation with a friend. “Singing and playing guitar isn’t that hard, once you get used to doing it. The easiest way to do this is to learn to play & talk together,” Dyce recalls.
Next, learn the vocals
After you can nail the guitar part, go back and listen to the song again—this time concentrating on the singing portion. Then, write out the lyrics – with a pen! “No, cut & pasting on your laptop doesn’t count,” according to Dyce. We really learn things better when we take the time to write them out. Actually taking the time to write it out helps commit it to memory.
Once you have the lyrics on paper, sing along with the original recording. Then, do it again—and again! As you progress, fine tune your singing, and work on your pitch & phrasing. Know what syllables the chords change on, even when you’re just singing along.
Combining playing & singing: easier than you think!
Once you can sing the vocal part well, pick up your guitar. Start singing the song—along to a recording of the original—while playing just muted chords. Once you are confident with this, add in the chords, and just play simple downbeats. “By starting slowly, and just playing the downbeats, you’re really learning the song from the inside out. I can’t tell you how much this will help the entire learning process,” Dyce states.
After this becomes second nature, you’re there: take a deep breath and let it rip … you’re well on your way to playing guitar and singing at the same time!
Dyce Kimura is a master guitarist and singer who has risen to the top of Miami’s competitive music scene. Today he earns a full-time living teaching guitar and providing Fort Lauderdale singing lessons—while also performing in select venues as a bandleader, guitarist & vocalist.


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