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What you get in the absolute Beginner Guitar Lesson Series

You’ll be playing chords in your very first lesson—and wowing your friends with complete songs, within just a few weeks!

These lessons are crystal-clear, and easy to follow.  Never mind endless theory and scales; Dyce gives interested beginners like you real music to play—on your very first lesson!  He starts the series with basic chords (that sound great), and how to put them together to play hip, interesting grooves.  By the end of the series, you’ll be playing real song; classics that everyone knows!

It’s critical to realize that your first guitar teacher can have an incredible impact on your future musical experience.  So why select one that has no real plan or blueprint on how to learn the guitar—or a teacher who kills the fun of learning music?

Dyce’s lessons are the polar opposite of most teachers out there…

This Guitar Lessons for the Absolute Beginner DVD series is crafted with the “big picture” in mind, and each lesson plan flows logically to the next.  You’ll learn the guitar the right way, building on concepts, reinforcing your knowledge, building confidence—and most importantly—having fun!

The response to Dyce’s lessons has been amazing: students love the fact that—within almost no time at all—they are playing songs that their friends instantly recognize, and sing along with!

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