Never Too Young for Vocal Training

voice lessons for childrenMany vocal instructors refuse to train young children, for various reasons, but success from training young is entirely dependant upon the desire and dedication of the child in question. If a child is constantly singing, it’s a good idea to begin instruction, as they will often develop incorrect vocal habits through singing on their own without guidance.


Professional Technique for Children


With consistent voice lessons, a child can develop professional level technique and style that will follow them throughout their lives. For many, the goal is to become the next famous musical prodigy, touring and singing for a living, but most vocalists do not go on to have a super star career. However, music is a lifelong passion, builds confidence, is simply fun, and also translates into increased skill in other areas, such as math. The benefits are many, no matter the career goals and outcomes, and worth the effort required.


High School Musicals


Many teenagers find a deep interest in musical theater, and the high school musical is a wonderful place to begin a career in theater. To acquire the leads in a musical, professional training is a necessity. The students who end up in the spotlight are those who have strong, stylistically sound voices and can hit high notes. This isn’t generally the type of training a student receives from their high school chorus program, nor would they receive the individual attention private lessons afford.



Dyce Kimura offers Fort Lauderdale singing lessons to both children and adults and focuses on teaching the basics before moving to more intricate vocal work. Working with children provides the ability to halt bad habits before they are set in a child’s muscle memory. It is much easier to develop a natural talent from a young age than to retrain someone who has a lifetime of poor vocal habits.


For those not in the Fort Lauderdale area, Dyce also offers Skype singing lessons, giving people around the country access to superior vocal training, regardless of age or geography. Keep in mind, diligent practice between lessons is crucial to a child’s singing success, and the key to maintaining such diligence for younger singers is the effort and interest of their parents.


Helping your child become the best singer he or she can be involves support and discipline development on the parent’s part. Partner with Dyce Kimura to advance your child’s talent and watch confidence and technique blossom.


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