Larynx Placement While Singing

While sHow to sing with proper larynx placement.ome people might think that they are naturally good or naturally bad at singing, there are many techniques singers learn to produce their best sound. Singers must spend time practicing various vocal components to have successful voice careers. In his work as an instructor, Dyce Kimura, a Fort Lauderdale voice teacher, highlights two key aspects of singing – larynx position and head voice performance – as important skills singers must master to be successful in their careers as performers.

The larynx is also called the voice box; it contains the vocal cords and is part of the respiratory system. During singing, the larynx position should remain stable across all ranges. In fact, the raising or lowering of the larynx is often a marker of additional tension, which will produce a tight, constrained vocal sound. Maintaining a consistent larynx position can produce a full, balanced tone. Working from a solid foundation produced by correct larynx placement while singing is key in supporting a good vocal performance.

Another component of vocal performance is finding a head voice. Two of the different kinds of voices available for vocalization are head voice and chest voice(Also there is whistle voice and mixed registers). In chest voice, the resonance of pitches causes a vibration in the chest. This is the tone of speaking voice. The head voice causes a vibrating sensation at the top of the head and is a lighter sound. Once in head voice, the resonance will move from the forehead to the back of the head with each higher note.

Sometimes, people wonder whether taking voice lessons can teach them how to sing like a famous performer. But Dyce Kimura, who is also a Fort Lauderdale guitar teacher, points out that it is not about training you to replicate someone else’s sound, it is about learning the techniques and intricacies many of your favorite artists use and incorporating them into your own unique sound. Learning the technical skills necessary to produce the best voice possible, like larynx position and head voice performance, will produce controlled vocal performance and successful results.

The technical components of vocal training can seem abstract, but through extended practice, they do become easier. Dyce Kimura offers Fort Lauderdale singing lessons to help teach singers how to recognize and perform with correct technique. Private lessons are the most efficient way to improve vocal performance at any level of experience. Dyce Kimura now has the opportunity to reach even more singers by conducting Skype singing lessons, which offers all the benefits of one-on-one instruction with the added convenience of training in your own home.


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