Skype Guitar Lessons: Bob Marley's "Stir It Up"

For this week’s lesson I’m excited to teach you the song “Stir It Up” by Bob Marley. This is another beginner lesson and we will be using the chords A, D, and E for this simple song.
Let’s start by getting familiar with the chords A, D and E as best you can and practice switching back and forth between them. Keep in mind that we are doing a beginner version of the song “Stir It Up.” This lesson will allow you to play along with Bob Marley but not necessarily do exactly what he does in the recording.


1)First get familiar with the 3 chords to the point that you can switch back and forth confidently.
2)Start playing the chords in this sequence: A four times,D two times and E two times.
3)Then start playing the groove with this drum beat of 60 BPMs from youtube:
4)Once you feel like you can keep up with the speed of the song, start playing along with “Stir It Up.” It would be best to first join me in playing along in the video lesson to get comfortable with the placement of the chords in reference to the lyrics.
I really want to encourage you to practice until you have the stamina to play the entire song through. It would be a huge milestone in your development if you can go the whole five minute length of the song without breaking your concentration or losing your place.
As you get confident with the down strums of four A’s, two D’s and two E’s, you can start to change it up by adding some upstrokes as well to your rhythm. I know strumming up and down can appear easy but if you are attempting it for the first time it can be pretty difficult. The truth is: the right hand is the real superstar of guitar playing. Even though most people focus on the left hand when they watch someone play, a lot of technique is really in the right hand. In fact, from the right-hand comes all the attack, percussiveness, authority, and groove. Start experimenting alternate strumming with these chords by adding an upstroke after every down stroke.
I hope you enjoy this lesson and see you at the next one!

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