How to Learn the Notes on the Entire Guitar | Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons

Basic guitar playing is fun and relatively easy to learn, but what if you want to become a better guitarist? While plucking a few notes here and there or strumming certain chords allow you to play simple songs and read tabs, you’ll need to take further steps to advance in the practice. When looking for Fort Lauderdale guitar lessons, make sure you find an instructor who starts with the basics. Your instructor should also help you proceed with finer and more intricate details, like learning the notes on your guitar’s fretboard.

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Designing a Guitar Practice Routine | Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons


Whether building on years of experience or just starting to learn the guitar, practice is the only way to improve. Dyce Kimura offers Fort Lauderdale guitar lessons for players of all ages and skill levels. Dyce teaches technical skills needed to play the guitar well along with the under-appreciated art of designing a practice routine.

Having an effective practice routine is vital to success as a guitarist. Instead of wasting time on already-mastered skills or skipping what is difficult, a practice routine should prioritize capabilities based on familiarity/comfort, and from there will build on skills in a systematic and […] Read more

How to Buy Your First Guitar | Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons


If you’re ready to start learning the guitar (or perhaps your child or another family member is), one of the most daunting tasks can be finding the right guitar.  However, with the right advice, finding the right guitar can actually be a pleasant, rewarding experience.  In this article, renowned guitar teacher Dyce Kimura, who provides Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons, and online via Skype will show you precisely what you need to look for in that first guitar. 

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Understanding the Circle of Fifths | Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons


The Circle of Fifths: a great practice tool

If you’re like many guitar students, you may have heard about the Circle of Fifths–but have been afraid to ask!  Yet, the Circle of Fifths doesn’t have to be complicated, or difficult.  In fact, it is easy to learn, and is actually one of the most powerful tools available to improve your music theory knowledge, train your ear, and improve your technique.  In this article, I will show you the same techniques for learning this valuable practice tool that I teach my students in my private FORT LAUDERDALE GUITAR LESSONS.

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String Gauge-How It Affects Your Guitar Tone | Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons

“Big Strings Equals Big Tone,” Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons

Hi this is Dyce Kimura. I am giving Fort Lauderdale guitar lessons out of my studio in sunny South Florida. Today I want to talk to you about the topic of string gauge, and specifically, how string gauge can actually effect your overall tone.

This is a critical question, because string gauge is an important concern for all guitarists—acoustic or electric, and no matter your proficiency level, age or style of music that you play. You probably have noticed by now that some people use really big strings—and others will use any thickness […] Read more

How to develop proper muting technique | Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons

Fort Lauderdale guitar lessons teacher demonstrating palm muting.

If you are a beginning guitarist and still hearing odd sounds when you play, the problem is most likely not the notes that you are playing—but rather, the problem comes from the notes that you AREN’T playing.   Unwanted string noise is a problem that affects all beginners at some time or another—and is always the result of improper technique.  However, even if you are an accomplished guitarist, according to professional guitarist Dyce Kimura who provides Fort Lauderdale guitar lessons, developing the proper muting technique will take your playing to the next […] Read more

Never Too Young for Vocal Training

Many vocal instructors refuse to train young children, for various reasons, but success from training young is entirely dependant upon the desire and dedication of the child in question. If a child is constantly singing, it’s a good idea to begin instruction, as they will often develop incorrect vocal habits through singing on their own without guidance.


Professional Technique for Children


With consistent voice lessons, a child can develop professional level technique and style that will follow them throughout their lives. For many, the goal is to become the next famous musical prodigy, touring and singing for a living, but most vocalists […] Read more

Skype Guitar Lessons: Hang on Sloopy by the McCoys Guitar Lesson

For our next lesson we will learn to play “Hang on Snoopy,” by the McCoys. The song is basically | G C | D C | and you will play each chord 2 times each. Please refer to the video for the chord charts.
To begin to play the song simply strum each chord with down strokes 2 times each. Start by strumming slowly and playing by yourself until you can switch records comfortably. Then start playing with this drum machine beat at 65 BPMs.
Ultimately you want to get a place where you can play with the song. If you […] Read more

Skype Guitar Lessons: Bob Marley's "Stir It Up"

For this week’s lesson I’m excited to teach you the song “Stir It Up” by Bob Marley. This is another beginner lesson and we will be using the chords A, D, and E for this simple song.
Let’s start by getting familiar with the chords A, D and E as best you can and practice switching back and forth between them. Keep in mind that we are doing a beginner version of the song “Stir It Up.” This lesson will allow you to play along with Bob Marley but not necessarily do exactly what he does in the recording.

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Sweet Home Alabama Beginner Lesson

Today we are learning to play a simplified version of the classic song “Sweet home Alabama,” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, using the chords D, C, and G.  I have gone to great lengths to find songs like this that can be simplified because it allows the beginner student to participate in playing a famous song that they know and love.  In this beginner lesson we are focused strumming the chords along with the song.




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