How to Play "Low Rider" by War Funk Guitar Lesson

This instructional video of how to play “Low Rider” is an intermediate lesson for guitarists learning to be funk players. This groove is especially interesting because it starts on the “one” and then flips to the back beat. Before the loop ends it resolves back on the “one” beat. This is particularly good for you if you are an intermediate guitarists that are proficient with chords and lead playing but funk riffs have always evaded you because of their complexity. This is a relatively simple groove that still challenges your funk chops while allowing you to have fun with the rhythm. The trick to this beat is to really listen to the drummer-especially the snare drum.

I also talk about color picking in the video. This is a simple but crucial part of intense rhythmic playing that makes the rhythm of the guitar very engaging. I discuss scatting or singing the guitar lines with your mouth as a way of learning guitar lines faster. I learned this from the guitarist George Benson, in particular the song, “The Ghetto.” I use right hand muting, or “palm muting” all thorough out the guitar line to deepen the tone and make it really thump.

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