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Dyce is a versatile, accomplished teacher who shares his amazing gift of music through private voice and Guitar Lessons Fort Lauderdale Miami. He has an interesting, unique approach to teaching that will help your guitar playing and singing reach its potential.

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Guitar Lessons in Miami

Dyce is currently teaching guitar and voice in person and through Skype full-time in his own personal studio. He is in high demand and—proud of the fact that he is turning out many soon-to-be pros and semi-pros, and helping others achieve their musical goals as hobbyists. Meanwhile, Dyce is busy expanding his YouTube presence, creating a series of innovative guitar lesson videos, and promoting his new beginner-series guitar lesson DVD.

When Dyce is not playing guitar or serving in his community, he spends his time with his lovely wife Valerie and his children Isaiah and Naomi.

According to Dyce, his profession is to expand the awareness of how to express oneself on the guitar…to really play with authority from the heart. A player has “arrived” as a true guitarist when he or she can play what they hear in their head and convey that accurately on their instrument. “This is what I teach…along with all the fundamentals, of course.”

Dyce’s mission as a performer and a worship leader is to direct people to Christ as the solution to their questions in life.  He mentors by example those who are searching for a permanent solution for meaning and fulfillment in life

Want to learn…

but don’t know where to start?

Basic/advanced Guitar Lessons

Dyce gets his students jamming right away and they love it! Instead of focusing on endless exercises, Dyce focuses on songs. Students, from beginner guitar learn how to play the guitar like the pros do, right from their very first lesson.


Blues Guitar Lessons

The blues is important for any aspiring musician. The blues is arguably America’s greatest original art form, and is the backbone of all American music—from rock to Top-40 pop, to hip-hop, country, folk, rap, punk, funk, jazz, and more.


Voice Lessons

No matter what singing style is preferred, Dyce Kimura will tailor your training to suit the music you want to sing. He teaches to individual strengths, giving each student a unique and confident sound.


Skype Guitar Lessons

Dyce offers a hassle free approach to learning guitar. Save your time, save your gas money, and relax in the comfort of your own home—anywhere in the world—while you learn from me 1-on-1, via  Skype.


Private Lessons

Each of Dyce’s Fort Lauderdale and Miami guitar lessons flow logically to the next.  Students learn the guitar the right way, building on concepts, reinforcing their knowledge and building confidence.


Guitar Lesson Series

These lessons are crystal-clear, and easy to follow.  Never mind endless theory and scales; Dyce gives interested beginners like you real music to play—on your very first lesson!


Dyce has a 5 STAR RATING on Google Business

I’ve been taking lessons with Dyce for over 3 months now and it’s been a great experience. I feel like I have been able to connect more with my guitar and with music overall. I have taken lessons a while ago with different instruments, and …More

Luis Castaneda

Dyce has a 5 STAR RATING on Google Business

Dyce is keenly aware of my guitar playing skills and teaches to my ability. He did not take me back to step one but began instructing me at a point where he enhances the knowledge I have and he brings me further. It has made the learning …More

Robert Grosman

I’ve been taking lessons with Dyce for over 3 months now and it’s been a great experience. I feel like I have been able to connect more with my guitar and with music overall. I have taken lessons a while ago with different instruments, and …More

Luis Castaneda

Dyce is an amazing guitar teacher. He adjusts to your level whether you’re a beginner or an experienced guitar player. I’ve learned so much from the short time that I’ve been taking lessons. He takes my interests in mind and really makes my …More

Madison Bou-Nahra

Dyce is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable of music in general. Thanks to him I am rapidly advancing in my playing. I highly recommend him as a guitar teacher , apart from that he is an incredible guitar player…More

HJ Kawas

I’ve had several guitar teachers at this point and Dyce is the only one who has created serious momentum in my performance. He is not just a great guitar player; he’s a great teacher. He quickly perceived what I needed to do to improve …More

Matthew Granade

I highly recommend lessons with Dyce, whether you are just starting or already play. He has always been extremely perceptive of what I need to work on – and seems to always have the perfect lesson to address that need each time we meet.More

J Sals

Dyce’s unique teaching methods are perfect for the beginner to the advanced. He will go as fast or as slow as you need and can teach you in the genre of your choice. Dyce and the student are equal partners. The students develop their More

Lisa M

In just a few lessons Dyce has pinpointed one of my weakest areas and provided me the guidance and support that I need to develop my skills. It’s amazing to me that, through Skype, I am taking such quality, personalized lessons with my More

Gord Moman

My favorite guitar instructor. Very professional and organized. Great at understanding my needs as a student. I tell him what I want to learn and he gets me there but with no easy short cuts. He’s a real guitar instructor that understands …More

Danilo Balladares

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