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Teaching Guitar Lessons in Fort Lauderdale & Miami

Dyce is currently teaching guitar and voice in person and through Skype full-time in his own personal studio. He is in high demand and—proud of the fact that he is turning out many soon-to-be pros and semi-pros, and helping others achieve their musical goals as hobbyists. Meanwhile, Dyce is busy expanding his YouTube presence, creating a series of innovative guitar lesson videos, and promoting his new beginner-series guitar lesson DVD.

Learn from the amazing Dyce Kimura who is now teaching Guitar Lessons in Fort Lauderdale and Miami area. Call now!

Dyce cuts through all of the confusion

He gives you the tools you need to have fun and to start jamming right away with songs that you want to play.

Basic Chords

Advanced Chords




Learning Songs

Learning Song by Ear

Reading Charts

Reading Tabs

Reading Sheet Music

Teaching Guitar Lessons in Fort Lauderdale & Miami

Your friends will be impressed at how fast you are learning

because Dyce consistently get students playing REAL SONGS WITHIN THE FIRST FEW LESSONS.

Private Guitar Lessons
  • Right away you’ll start learning how to play basic chords.
  • So soon after that, you’ll put those chords together to form little jams that you can actually play!
  • The very next step is to combine those chords in to songs that all your friends can sing along with
  • Within the first few months you’ll learn some basic improvising and soloing techiques.

Dyce will teach everything from rhythmic structures and chord structures—to stage presence and how to select—and use—the right music gear!”