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Blues Guitar Lessons

Ft. Lauderdale and Miami master guitarist Dyce Kimura is proud to announce that he is now available to teach blues guitar lessons in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. “I connect with blues because I feel it is the most primal genre. I can play proficiently in pretty much any style, but blues allows me to be who I am. And every genre sounds better with a little (or a lot of) blues guitar in it. The guitar’s open strings in standard tuning even naturally suggests a blues sequence in the key of A. When modern music began in the 1800’s all we had was blues. Modern music came from blues. We must all come to understand the blues to understand what we came from and how anchor us into the future. My blues influences are Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Eric Clapton and I bring all of this in my blues guitar lessons from Fort Lauderdale and Miami.”

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Dyce is one of Fort Lauderdale and Miami’blues guitar lessons in fort lauderdale and miamis best blues guitarists.  For over a decade, Dyce has been providing teaching lessons to beginners, intermediate and advanced players of all ages to Fort Lauderdale and Miami-area.  Today he is bringing his love of the blues to students worldwide via the power of teaching. It’s important to have a tested and proven guitar teacher in the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami area so, you start on the right path.

Dyce a great communicator—verbally, and with his guitar.  His powerful, clear approach to the blues focuses on each student’s particular needs, goals and abilities.  Students appreciate the fact that Dyce isn’t a “rock guy playing the blues.”  He knows the genre, inside and out: Dyce has been playing the blues for 30 years, and this knowledge comes across in his blues guitar lessons.

Blues Guitar Lessons

For Over a 15 Years, Dyce Has Been Providing Teaching Lessons

An Acclaimed Blues Guitar Teacher in Fort Lauderdale and Miami

The blues is important for any aspiring musician.  The blues is arguably America’s greatest original art form, and is the backbone of all American music—from rock to Top-40 pop, to hip-hop, country, folk, rap, punk, funk, jazz, and more.  Its presence is felt everywhere: on the radio, TV theme songs, jingles and movie soundtracks, cell phone ringtones, and the internet.  The blues is America’s heartbeat, and any guitarist serious about learning their instrument needs to get some blues chops under their belt.  Dyce has the passion, knowledge, and teaching ability required to elevate any aspiring student’s ability to play blues guitar.

Dyce’s Fort Lauderdale and Miami blues guitar lessons are becoming increasingly popular.  For there are also Skype blues guitar lessons in Fort Lauderdale and Miami available and new students don’t need much: just a high-speed internet connection, webcam & mic, and Skype account (easy to create, & free).

“Here’s is a video of me teaching a 12 bar blues turnaround in the key of E.  I really demonstrate how to use licks and timing to authenticate the blues feel in my playing.”

Jimi Hendrix took tradition rock and blues chord progressions much further.  The chords stylings from his epic “Little Wing” can now be seen all over country, rock and modern blues as well.  This style of playing is paramount for a passionate student of the guitar to emulate because it truly reflects on the players comprehension of major and minor overtones inside of chord movements. My ability to play in this theme is demonstrated on my rendition of “Little Wing.”

Stevie Ray Vaughan was another one of my childhood guitar heroes. He really showed me how to rip into guitar solos and he demonstrated so much passion for his need to articulate his emotions and subtle voicing to his audiences. I especially learned from SRV how to create a really good tone on the guitar and the importance of using heavy gauge strings and the right amplification. Pedal, amp and speaker modifications are some of my favorite activities and is often a topic of discussion among my advanced students. SRV also too the chord voicing’s of Hendrix the the next level and I enjoy expounding on this theme in class to these students and share similar interests. Eric Clapton was paramount in my guitar development because he showed me how to incorporate all the extremes of guitar playing into extremely palatable pop and rock playing.

Clapton’s chord structures, arpeggios, and guitar solos have been a staple for myself in understanding modern blues and pop and rock and has also heavily influenced my other heroes like Slash and Joe Bonamassa. To really understand modern guitar playing it is so insightful to learn about the origins of guitar playing and how the styles of music have developed over the last 80 years.  This is a perspective which I share in my guitar classes to those student who express interest in learning modern guitar trends as well as their different stages of expression over the last several decades.

Learning to play guitar can be very intimidating, and getting into playing without a clear game plan will mean many frustrating hours of practice that could have been better spent on actually reaching your specific musical goals. Let’s face it, you only have a certain number of minutes or hours per day to focus on your guitar development…so doesn’t it make sense to have a clear-cut game plan on how to improve? My proven methods are for you if just want to have fun on your instrument right now and get to playing some of your favorite songs within a few short weeks!