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Renowned guitarist and veteran guitar teacher from Miami, is proud to announce that he is now offering guitar lessons to guitar students of all types in Miami, FL. Dyce is already one of Ft. Lauderdale’s most popular guitar teachers—and a smash online, via YouTube and Skype. Residing in Hollywood, FL., this location of Kimura’s teachings makes it convenient for residents to take guitar lessons in Miami. For first-time guitar students, that first guitar teacher can have an incredible impact on their future musical experience—good or bad.

Become a Master Guitarist

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Dyce gets his students jamming right away and they love it!  Instead of focusing on endless exercises, Dyce focuses on songs. Students, from beginner guitar learn how to play the guitar like the pros do, right from their very first lesson. Each lesson has a clear focus, and is targeted specifically for the absolute beginner. Sample lessons include:

Intro to chords for the acoustic, rock, & electric alike.

How to connect the chords together into basic exciting grooves.

Take these funky grooves & and play real songs.

Dyce Kimura is a bona-fide full-time guitar instructor

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Dyce Kimura is a bona-fide full-time guitar instructor, providing over-the-top lessons. Before Dyce began teaching full-time, he was an in-demand session player in Miami’s competitive studio scene, recording with scores of hip-hop, rock, blues and Christian artists—and is a nationally-recognized blues guitar authority. As one of the Miami area’s top guitar teachers, Dyce Kimura is a premier musician, and well-versed in all aspects of the current music industry, Dyce is hip to all of the latest music & technology trends, breaking artists, and contemporary gear. To learn more about guitar lessons in Miami, guitar teacher Dyce, his unique teaching methods, and his various locations, book a lesson or contact him at 786-457-3687.