How to Play "Let it Rise" on Acoustic Guitar

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This how to play Paul Baloche’s “Let it Rise” on acoustic guitar. I play and sing the song at first then teach you how to play it on the guitar.
Start with a G chord riff and then go to the C riff.
It is a very rhythmic song and can be a challenge to understand and play at first. On the chorus I teach the “and” rhythm or the off beat rhythm for that section. This makes the guitar sound colorful and interesting.

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How to play "Open the Eyes of my Heart" on guitar

This is “Open the Eyes of my Heart” by Paul Baloche.You can play almost the entire song with the first and second strings open and use them as pedal tones to give you a beautiful open sound on this song. Paul Baloche said that he got the idea for the B section from

Isaiah 6 I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robefilled the temple.

A consistent theme in the song are the pedal tones of high E and B played throughout the song The for the verse chords  are

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Fender Blues Junior Bill M Mod

I did a review of a Bill M (Bill Machrone) modded Fender Blues Junior. The was only a few hundred of these a tweed relic models made so I felt it was the ideal one to get to ask Bill Machrone to modify.

After Bill modded this amp sound got incredibly huge. The bass response is unbelievable and the clarity is amazing. I kept the amp at 15watts even tho Bill offers a mod to go the 30watts. I prefered the low wattage for low volume gigs and for teaching Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons.

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