Acoustic Guitar Instructor in Miami | Taylor K26ce Review

Acoustic guitar instructor in Miami Dyce Kimura here. I am a Skype guitar instructor and I’m doing a review today on this beautiful Taylor. It’s called the K26CE and it’s all made out of Hawaiian koa body. So the back and the sides and the top are all koa and I’ll get into the woods in a second. Let’s just give this a listen. Absolutely gorgeous – check it out. So I’m doing a review on this – I’m a full-time professional guitar player. I teach full-time and I perform full-time. I’ve been playing this guitar all day long […] Read more

Best Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Miami | How to Choose an Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Instructor Dyce Kimura

Want the best acoustic guitar lessons in Miami?  Hi this is Dyce Kimura here to give you a lesson on purchasing an acoustic guitar. If you’d like to find out more about my lessons, follow the link at the bottom of the page here or check me for the best acoustic guitar lessons in Miami. So let’s get started. Buying an acoustic guitar. This lesson is a combination of all these different comments I’ve got from teaching online. And it seems there is a real need for this lesson which is why I’m doing […] Read more

Five Mistakes Beginners Make While Learning Guitar Online

Miami’s Top Guitar Instructor

Hi guys. Miami guitar teacher Dyce Kimura here.  In this video, I’m talking you through my top five mistakes and bad habits that you want to make sure to avoid if you are learning guitar through YouTube, especially as a beginner.

Number one, top of that list is definitely wrist strumming, or what I call wrist strumming. Which is essentially, no matter what chord you are strumming, moving or tilting or pivoting the wrist like this, rather than strumming from the elbow, which is what we want to be doing. So when we […] Read more

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Miami | Should Beginners Start on Acoustic or Electric?

Acoustic guitar lessons from Dyce Kimura

Acoustic guitar lessons in Miami from Miami’s own Dyce Kimura. I just wanted to do a video blog today to cover a topic that a lot of people ask me, which is, should I start learning on acoustic guitar or electric guitar? That’s a very common question, especially for beginners. I just want to say this to set the tone that a lot of people think they should start learning on acoustic guitar, and I have a lot of experience teaching all different ages, men and women, boys and girls, and […] Read more

Acoustic Guitar Teacher In Miami

This is Dyce Kimura I am an acoustic guitar teacher in Miami and I am doing a review today on the Lifespan Martin acoustic guitar strings. I just put them on – my Martin’s [playing guitar]. So by the way, these are the Lifespan Martin acoustic guitar strings. My buddy, Edgar, gave me this pack, so shout out to Edgar I know you’re watching. And I was a little taken back, because on the label it said $31.99 and I was like, “I hope you didn’t spend $31.99 for this one pack.” We’ll talk about price in a […] Read more