How to Use Computer Tech to Learn Guitar | Guitar lessons in Miami

Guitar lessons in Miami with Dyce Kimura.  Hey there, folks! I want to talk to you today about some of the amazing ways that technology has changed the way I teach guitar in 2016. I just want to go ahead and start showing you some things that I’ve seen. So let’s say you go to play a song — and right now I’m just sharing my screen with you as I record. Let’s say we go into YouTube and I want to go learn to play a song; for instance, I want to play Just Got Paid by ZZ […] Read more

Lead electric guitar lessons in Miami

Lead electric guitar lessons in Miami is discussing how to play modes today.  Today is the day when you start getting into the world of modes. Modes is something that is a very popular question. Everybody wants to play modes. I think every guitar player comes from the Pentatonic, and playing pentatonic, or improvising with pentatonic and improvising with modes is like 20 times more difficult, or you need to have more knowledge than the pentatonic because with the pentatonic you actually don’t need to know anything, you just need to play the pentatonic, and more or less it sounds […] Read more

Acoustic Guitar Instructor in Miami | Taylor K26ce Review

Acoustic guitar instructor in Miami Dyce Kimura here. I am a Skype guitar instructor and I’m doing a review today on this beautiful Taylor. It’s called the K26CE and it’s all made out of Hawaiian koa body. So the back and the sides and the top are all koa and I’ll get into the woods in a second. Let’s just give this a listen. Absolutely gorgeous – check it out. So I’m doing a review on this – I’m a full-time professional guitar player. I teach full-time and I perform full-time. I’ve been playing this guitar all day long […] Read more

Advanced Guitar Lessons in Miami

Advanced Guitar Teacher Dyce Kimura offers Advanced Guitar Lessons in MIami

Advanced guitar lessons in Miami by Dyce Kimura.  Today I am talking to advanced guitar students. I wanted to do a video blog about some things that I have seen in advanced students, and maybe I can help you. This video is targeting specifically people who are hitting a wall in their playing. Advanced guitar lessons in Miami. If you’ve been playing for at least two years, and you’ve been learning on your own or just with some courses or tutorials, maybe you took some classes here […] Read more

How to Find a Miami Advanced Guitar Teacher | Dyce Kimura

Miami advanced guitar teacher Dyce Kimura here and today I am doing a video blog talking about this concept of advanced guitar lessons. This is actually a very difficult subject for me to tackle, but I thought I’d give it a try. And first off I want to say that advanced students are my favorite students. I am a full-time guitar instructor and I take on lots of beginners, absolute beginners, intermediates; but advanced students and even students that are trying to go pro or semi-pro are my favorites because they are the closest to my heart. You […] Read more

Miami Guitar Teacher | How to Get Good at Guitar

Hi! This is Dyce Kimura, I am a Fort Lauderdale and Miami guitar teacher. Today I’m going to talk about the topic of how to get good at playing guitar. I’m going to be talking to people that want to become a pro.   I’m going to be just addressing a lot of issues and challenges that you might go through and give you some real practical experience and advice.

A little background on myself; I’m a full-time Pro and Miami guitar teacher. I’ve been playing guitar for 30 years – 30+ years, actually. I’ve been playing full-time […] Read more

Miami Advanced Guitar Teacher | Changing Vacuum Tubes in Preamp


All right people, check it out, this is Dyce Kimura and I am a Miami advanced guitar teacher at your service.  I am re-tubing one of my amps at this point, these just came in the mail, these are preamp tubes, 12 87,   I’ve got two 12 87 from TAD, Tube Amp Doctor and I got JJ ECC 832 gold from JJ obviously, and I’m going to re-tube my fender amp and just walk  through a few things, some of these things may be obvious to some of you more seasoned players, but I get a lot […] Read more

Neil Young's "The Needle and the Damage Done" Guitar Lesson

This lesson is on Neil Young’s “The Needle and the Damage Done”. This song is a circle progression so he just repeats the cycle over and over. There are some variations but I mostly focused on the introduction.
When I was a kid I started playing classical guitar at 6 and then got into modern music around 15. I always thought that single note picking was done exclusively with finger style and the flat pick only allowed you to strum chords.(I guess that was all I saw around me at the time.) Then one day a friend of mine played the […] Read more

Pink Floyd's "Time" Guitar Lesson

This is a lesson on Pink Floyd’s “Time”. It is definitely one of David Gilmore’s finest masterpieces. While taking the time to learn this song, I must say I was blown away by Gilmore’s soaring melodic structures and his ability to convey subtle inflections in his soloing. I was equally amazed by the sheer power of the solo and the fact that he played it without playing fast. This shows true mastery in my opinion. Playing fast instantly gains the performer the “wow” factor, but few guitarist can play slowly and deliberately while still maintaining a captive performance level. Also, […] Read more

Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lesson: Mississippi Queen by Mountain

For our next lesson I decided to cover the epic classic rock song “Mississippi Queen” by Mountain.  For equipemt on this recording, the guitarist Leslie West used a Gibson blues Junior loaded with a P90’s thru a Sun Amp PA head (it wasn’t even a guitar amp!)  He accidently discovered this massive sound when his booking agency sent him the wrong equipment at his gig at the Fillmore West.  For equipment in this video I used a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro with an Analogman King of Tone into a Billm modified Blues Junior with a Heritage Greenback speaker.  It […] Read more