How to Learn the Notes on the Entire Guitar | Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons

Basic guitar playing is fun and relatively easy to learn, but what if you want to become a better guitarist? While plucking a few notes here and there or strumming certain chords allow you to play simple songs and read tabs, you’ll need to take further steps to advance in the practice. When looking for Fort Lauderdale guitar lessons, make sure you find an instructor who starts with the basics. Your instructor should also help you proceed with finer and more intricate details, like learning the notes on your guitar’s fretboard.

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How to develop proper muting technique | Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons

Fort Lauderdale guitar lessons teacher demonstrating palm muting.

If you are a beginning guitarist and still hearing odd sounds when you play, the problem is most likely not the notes that you are playing—but rather, the problem comes from the notes that you AREN’T playing.   Unwanted string noise is a problem that affects all beginners at some time or another—and is always the result of improper technique.  However, even if you are an accomplished guitarist, according to professional guitarist Dyce Kimura who provides Fort Lauderdale guitar lessons, developing the proper muting technique will take your playing to the next […] Read more

How to Play Back in Black on Guitar

This video is how to play “Back in Black” by AC/DC. Their guitarist, Angus Young, plays the song electric which I also do at the start of the lesson. But then I quickly switch over to the acoustic to teach you the song because it has more clarity and hopefully without the distortion you can hear the complex rhythms better.

This song is definitely mid-advanced level. It sounds easy at first but the rhythms are rather complex. I must confess that when I first trying to learn the song I thought it was going to be a lot easier than it […] Read more

How to Play "Low Rider" by War Funk Guitar Lesson

This instructional video of how to play “Low Rider” is an intermediate lesson for guitarists learning to be funk players. This groove is especially interesting because it starts on the “one” and then flips to the back beat. Before the loop ends it resolves back on the “one” beat. This is particularly good for you if you are an intermediate guitarists that are proficient with chords and lead playing but funk riffs have always evaded you because of their complexity. This is a relatively simple groove that still challenges your funk chops while allowing you to have fun with the rhythm. The trick to this beat is to really listen to the drummer-especially the snare drum.

I also talk about color picking in the video. This is a simple but crucial part of intense rhythmic playing that makes the rhythm of the guitar very engaging. I discuss scatting or singing the guitar lines with your mouth as a way of learning guitar lines faster. I learned this from the guitarist George Benson, in particular the song, “The Ghetto.” I use right hand muting, or “palm muting” all thorough out the guitar line to deepen the tone and make it really thump.

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Improvising in F Melodic Minor

This is an both an instructional video of improvising in F Melodic Minor (or F Minor) and a performance video where I am simply improvising for you. The melodic minor scale is a beautiful scale and is sometimes refered to as the major pentatonic scale. Try to play the guitar like a piano, having a light and subtle approach. Try not to over play but keep the quiet parts sparse but with hight tension. Think Carlos Santana meets Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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To stream the backing track of this video please view it from youtube and then click on the link in the description of the video.

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