Miami Vocal Coach | Head Voice and Falsetto

Miami Vocal Coach

I am a Miami vocal coach and I thought this would be a great opportunity to share with you guys some tips on healthy falsetto and head voice usage because I have to use that register a lot in this song. And um, instead of using scales or using like nursery rhyme stuff, I thought it would be cool if you watch me apply to an actual song in real time and I’ll share those tips with you so you can start using it.

Like today, before we get into the nitty gritty of the techniques, let’s […] Read more

Private Singing Lessons in Miami | What are Vocal Registers?

Private Singing Lessons in Miami

What’s up everybody we are discussing private singing lessons in Miami. I’m going to be answering a question that is about some of the terms that I use to describe certain parts of the voice and how to perform it and they can be very confusing because people use different terms for different things or use a term to define something completely different from one another boy’s coach might use, but hopefully I will be able to enlighten you, Christopher and others of you watching this video today on what some of that terminology […] Read more

Best Voice Lessons in Miami | Steps to Voice Training

Best voice lessons in Miami are offered by vocal instructor Dyce Kimura. The magic of say the Ma word, this creates a relaxed throat space and neutral laryngeal position with moderate vocal fold compression. After all the high and imposed larynx exercises we broke through so far to counteract extrinsic muscular interference. Our goal now is to sing the relaxed and neutral larynx and a balanced onset. The best voice lessons in Miami focuses on the voice stop consonants and adopted onsets use previously to encourage vocal fold deduction are replaced with the m sound which encourages the balanced onset […] Read more

Electric Guitar Teacher in Miami reviews Fender Billm Amplifier

Hi I am an electric guitar teacher in Miami named Dyce Kimura. I am doing a review of the BillM modded Blues Junior. I’ve done a review on this amp before and I got so many emails and questions and comments and I thought I’d do another review with a lot better microphone. So I’m using a sure stereo convention mic. And I’m going from my fender Stevie Ray Vaughan signature strat into blues Junior. And I am also going through an Ibanez tube screamer pedal which is not on at the moment I’ll tell you when I […] Read more

Epiphone PR-150 Review by Dyce Kimura

Hi, this is Dyce Kimura. I am a guitar teacher in Miami and on Skype. I am doing an equipment review of this guitar. This is an Epiphone Acoustic guitar. The model number is PR-150 NA. NA stands for natural, so this is a natural acoustic guitar. It costs $159.99 on Amazon.

Epiphone PR-150 Review

I was really, exceptionally impressed with the quality of this guitar while making the Epiphone PR-150 review. A student brought it to me at the teaching studio the other day, and she gave me permission to borrow it to make this equipment review.
This guitar sounds great. […] Read more

Miami Acoustic Guitar Lessons | How to play Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Hi, I offer Miami acoustic guitar lessons and my name is Dyce Kimura. Today I’m covering the topic of Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran on acoustic guitar finger style; just like he does it. Before I get into the actual tutorial of the finger style, I’m going to play it for you [playing guitar], but I’m going to do it with Ed. So I’m going to play it for about a minute with Ed Sheeran with the recording and then I’m going to explain everything to you in terms of the parts and also the specific techniques. If […] Read more

Miami Blues Guitar Teacher | Analogman Big T Fender N3 Telecaster Pickup Review

Hey, what’s up friends. This is Dyce Kimura I’m a Miami blues guitar teacher and I’m doing a review of the Analog Man Big-T Tele pickup for the neck. I’m also going to do a review for the Fender N3 bridge pickup. This review is by popular demand. I kept getting emails, every couple of weeks I get another email, because a while ago I did a review of this pickup. I would constantly get these emails of people saying, “Can you do another one, but do it with a clean guitar channel.” I finally relented. This is your […] Read more

Fort Lauderdale Guitar Teacher Shows to adjust the truss rod of electric guitar | Lower Action of Guitar

I am lowering my action today on my strat style Pavel guitar. It is important that your guitar is in tune when you adjust the truss rod so you can know what effect your adjustments are having on your guitar. Only turn the truss rod 1/8 to ¼ of a turn at a time depending on your need of adjustment as the truss rod is very sensitive.

[…] Read more

How to Play Back in Black on Guitar

This video is how to play “Back in Black” by AC/DC. Their guitarist, Angus Young, plays the song electric which I also do at the start of the lesson. But then I quickly switch over to the acoustic to teach you the song because it has more clarity and hopefully without the distortion you can hear the complex rhythms better.

This song is definitely mid-advanced level. It sounds easy at first but the rhythms are rather complex. I must confess that when I first trying to learn the song I thought it was going to be a lot easier than it […] Read more