Fort Lauderdale Guitar Teacher Shows to adjust the truss rod of electric guitar | Lower Action of Guitar

I am lowering my action today on my strat style Pavel guitar. It is important that your guitar is in tune when you adjust the truss rod so you can know what effect your adjustments are having on your guitar. Only turn the truss rod 1/8 to ¼ of a turn at a time depending on your need of adjustment as the truss rod is very sensitive.
On strats truss rods are located at the top or the base of the neck. On telecasters they are often at the base of the neck and you have to take the neck off to adjust it.
Just tune the 3rd and 4rth string down to adjust the truss rod. Place the guitar on your left knee with the face plate facing out to your right. To lower the action rotate the truss rod towards you. To raise the action turn the truss rod away from you.

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After adjusting the truss rod retune the guitar to see how the neck responds to the adjustment. After dropping the action I realized that I dropped the action too much so I went back and raised the action a bit to eliminate the buzzing I hear on the lower strings around the 4rth fret. Some buzzing is normal on a strat and even unavoidable. Not everything is heard thru the amplifier so not all buzzing will count against you. However I prefer to eliminate buzzing where ever possible for maximum tone. A high action (no buzzing) is the best tone and has the best sustain. However it is difficult to play sometimes compared to a low action (buzzing) which allows you to be lightning fast.

If you are a Stevie Vai type of player you will want a low action. If you are more of a Stevie Ray Vaughan type player you will want a higher action. I personally prefer my action right around the middle.

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