Epiphone PR-150 Review by Dyce Kimura

Epiphone PR-150 ReviewHi, this is Dyce Kimura. I am a guitar teacher in Miami and on Skype. I am doing an equipment review of this guitar. This is an Epiphone Acoustic guitar. The model number is PR-150 NA. NA stands for natural, so this is a natural acoustic guitar. It costs $159.99 on Amazon.

Epiphone PR-150 Review

I was really, exceptionally impressed with the quality of this guitar while making the Epiphone PR-150 review. A student brought it to me at the teaching studio the other day, and she gave me permission to borrow it to make this equipment review.
This guitar sounds great. The first thing I noticed while doing the Epiphone PR-150 review was it sounded crystal clear. It did not have any buzziness or mushiness on the bottom end. It is totally clear. The action is really nice.
It is a little bit meaty. There is a little bit of a larger neck, which I actually like. And it has some nice medium frets. If I strum the chords, you can hear them clearly. The bass is not rattily or buzzy and it’s not thin and tinny. You can hear the over tones, and I was actually really impressed Epiphone PR-150 review.
To get a guitar to play this good and sound this good is really easy if you want to spend $500/$600. But what was most impressive to me during the Epiphone PR-150 review was that this guitar sells for $159.99. For a guitar $100/$200 it is probably the best that I have seen on the market. The only one that is close I think, is the Yamaha FG 700S. I actually like this Epiphone PR-150 more than the Yamaha FG700s because the price is about the same, but for this one, the tonality is a little deeper. There is a little more bass, and you can hear it during the Epiphone PR-150 review.

Epiphone PR-150 Review Tips

Epiphone PR-150 ReviewIt is a very articulate instrument. This guitar totally stays in tune and holds its tuning which is actually really important when you talk about a guitar in this price range. The question is, are these tuners going to really stay in tune, and hold the guitar pitch correctly? This one has no problem doing that. Also the action on the higher register is really nice. It is not too low and there was no buzzing that I detected during the Epiphone PR-150 review. In the higher register it sounds great. It is very cool and I am a big fan.
This is an Epiphone PR-150 NA. If you want to buy it, the Amazon link is in the description. NA stands for the natural color, which this one is cool. There is also a really nice tobacco sunburst color available, which is really cool as well. The size is standard. It is a standard dreadnought size. It is a standard C-neck. Like I said, it is a little meaty on the neck, which I discovered like during the Epiphone PR-150 review. The frets are medium frets. It has volume. It is relatively loud which is good, if you want it to be loud. But, if you want to get quiet, you can handle that too.
I am using brand new strings today for the Epiphone PR-150 review. They are the D’Addarios 12-52, and if you have questions about those just send me a message and I can point you in the right direction for strings.

This guitar cleans up when I palm mute. When I get a little more power, it can handle the power nicely. It absorbs my attack, gives me my low-end, and gives me all the bass I want without buzzing or fretting out. If I was to bring this guitar to the beach, to the woods, to a camp fire, to my friend’s house for the shindig or something, or even just play at the house, this is a great guitar.
It definitely can handle some funk playing too. I like to play blues on it during the Epiphone PR-150 review.

Epiphone PR-150 Review by Dyce

I notice that the tunes are really stable. It’s holding its tune really well. It is staying in tune when I put it in tune. I just tuned a second ago but I had to retune since I had just put these strings on a few minutes ago. So that is why they are still a little bit elastic.
I love it, so it is great. It feels great. There is really good volume. The intonation is good.
If you want this guitar, the link for it on Amazon is in the description. And, if you want to get a hold of me for Skype lessons, you can find me in the description as well. Thanks so much, and I will see you at the next video.