Common Questions from Guitar Beginners | Miami Guitar Lessons

Dyce Kimura Miami Guitar Teacher

Miami Guitar Lessons by Dyce Kimura here! I am a guitar teacher, giving guitar lessons in Miami and also on Skype. I’m doing this video blog today just to talk about some common questions that I get asked every day on the phone from prospective students that want to come in and get guitar lessons. So I thought I’d just do a video to just address some common questions in case any of these pertain to you. So I typed up a few of these common questions. I’m going to read off one […] Read more

Electric Guitar Lessons in Miami | How to Choose an Electric Guitar

Dyce Kimura Provides Electric Guitar Lessons In Miami

Electric guitar lessons in Miami is my specialty.  This is the ultimate buying guide for an electric guitar. I’ve also got an acoustic version if you are looking for an acoustic guitar but this one is for the electric guitar. Let’s get started.

Where am I going to start? Well, I am assuming you are a newbie, and maybe you are not. There may even be some information here for somebody that’s already been playing. Where do you start? Well, you have to have a budget when getting electric guitar […] Read more

Best Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Miami | How to Choose an Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Instructor Dyce Kimura

Want the best acoustic guitar lessons in Miami?  Hi this is Dyce Kimura here to give you a lesson on purchasing an acoustic guitar. If you’d like to find out more about my lessons, follow the link at the bottom of the page here or check me for the best acoustic guitar lessons in Miami. So let’s get started. Buying an acoustic guitar. This lesson is a combination of all these different comments I’ve got from teaching online. And it seems there is a real need for this lesson which is why I’m doing […] Read more

Five Mistakes Beginners Make While Learning Guitar Online

Miami’s Top Guitar Instructor

Hi guys. Miami guitar teacher Dyce Kimura here.  In this video, I’m talking you through my top five mistakes and bad habits that you want to make sure to avoid if you are learning guitar through YouTube, especially as a beginner.

Number one, top of that list is definitely wrist strumming, or what I call wrist strumming. Which is essentially, no matter what chord you are strumming, moving or tilting or pivoting the wrist like this, rather than strumming from the elbow, which is what we want to be doing. So when we […] Read more

Miami Beginner Guitar Teacher Advice and Experience

Hello this is Dyce Kimura, a Miami beginner guitar teacher.  If you’re a beginner, I want you to know that I was a beginner too before I was a Miami beginner guitar teacher and I’ve worked with so many beginners. I feel you where you’re coming from, I understand your frustration. I want to get into a couple of things. So first of all, I want to talk about the technology in playing guitar on the web. Let me state the obvious, you can get the guitar teacher like myself, I’m a guitar teacher. If you can afford a […] Read more

Miami Acoustic Guitar Lessons | How to play Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Hi, I offer Miami acoustic guitar lessons and my name is Dyce Kimura. Today I’m covering the topic of Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran on acoustic guitar finger style; just like he does it. Before I get into the actual tutorial of the finger style, I’m going to play it for you [playing guitar], but I’m going to do it with Ed. So I’m going to play it for about a minute with Ed Sheeran with the recording and then I’m going to explain everything to you in terms of the parts and also the specific techniques. If […] Read more

Miami Acoustic Guitar Teacher | How to Play Fingerstyle Guitar

Hi!  Miami acoustic guitar teacher Dyce Kimura here discussing today the difference between fingerstyle acoustic and flatpicking.  This is a wiedly discussed topic and is often confused by beginners so I’m here today to clear that discussion up for you.  That is in the soul, it’s also used in Brazilian Jazz. It’s using that pop. It’s a percussive sound, where you hit the guitar. [Echion 00:14:32] recently was doing some songs like Don’t Let Say where he hits the guitar, then he has that pop.

[Music 00:14:39]

What I have there going on is something called the moving bass line. […] Read more

North Miami Beginner Guitar Teacher |How to play guitar finger style vs pick

Hey there, this is Dyce Kimura, a North Miami beginner guitar teacher. Today I’m going over some guitar techniques. Some of these are going to be beginner techniques and some of them are going to get more advanced. We are talking about acoustic finger style playing today. I want to go over a few concepts. I want to talk about the using a capo. Also finger style and using your thumb and your fingers to pluck, moving bass lines and giving a richer complex chord sequence that almost tells a story. I’ll give you an example. I’m going […] Read more

How to Buy Your First Guitar | Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons


If you’re ready to start learning the guitar (or perhaps your child or another family member is), one of the most daunting tasks can be finding the right guitar.  However, with the right advice, finding the right guitar can actually be a pleasant, rewarding experience.  In this article, renowned guitar teacher Dyce Kimura, who provides Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons, and online via Skype will show you precisely what you need to look for in that first guitar. 

As a good rule of thumb, Dyce believes that your first guitar should have three key qualities.  The first one is: […] Read more

Skype Guitar Lessons: Hang on Sloopy by the McCoys Guitar Lesson

For our next lesson we will learn to play “Hang on Snoopy,” by the McCoys. The song is basically | G C | D C | and you will play each chord 2 times each. Please refer to the video for the chord charts.
To begin to play the song simply strum each chord with down strokes 2 times each. Start by strumming slowly and playing by yourself until you can switch records comfortably. Then start playing with this drum machine beat at 65 BPMs.
Ultimately you want to get a place where you can play with the song. If you […] Read more