How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Take Guitar Lessons from an Intermediate Guitar Instructor

You’re dying to get better at playing guitar, but you’re having a hard time getting your parents to pony up for intermediate guitar lessons. They’re not impressed with the fact that you just want to learn. No, they want to know the benefits. And somehow, you just don’t think they’d appreciate the real reason you want to take lessons from a Weston intermediate guitar instructor. They’re just not buying into your dream of becoming a touring rock star. Well, fret no more. Here are five reasons you want to sign up with a Weston intermediate guitar instructor. Your parents are bound to go for at least one of them!

Playing Guitar Makes You Smarter

Actually, playing a musical instrument of any kind makes you smarter. Numerous studies have shown a link between higher grades and formal training in playing an instrument like the guitar. After all, music composition is a mathematical construct. If you accept the research, your guitar lessons with a Fort Lauderdale guitar teacher could help improve your grades in math, science, language arts and standardized tests. Forget the tutor, mom! Get me guitar lessons!

Playing Guitar Creates a Sense of Achievement

And achievement begets achievement. Part of playing the guitar is setting goals and working toward them. Whether your goal is to learn how to play a single chord or compose your own songs, when you succeed at that goal, you’re rewarded with a sense of achievement. The stronger your sense of achievement, the more likely you are to attempt – and succeed at – other difficult things. See, mom? Guitar lessons are the first step toward getting my college degree.

Playing Guitar Teaches Discipline

It takes discipline to learn to play the guitar well. You need to practice, not just once in a while, but every day. You need to be patient. You need to be consistent. When you develop that kind of consistency and discipline, you apply it in other areas of life as well. Want me to start doing the dishes and do my chores, mom? Guitar lessons are the way to go!

Playing Guitar Helps Relieve Stress

Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast, they say. It’s also a great way to tame monstrous stress. You know how you worry about the stress of getting good grades and keeping up with everything in school? Guitar lessons can help! You wouldn’t want me to develop ulcers, would you?

If all else fails, though, you can pull out the big guns with this best reason ever to learn guitar from a Weston intermediate guitar instructor:

I’ll Learn to Play Your Favorite Songs

Parents were kids once, too. They have fond memories of sitting around the campfire at cookouts and singing along with a friend playing guitar. How can they resist the thought of having you, their beloved child, playing at their parties and having fun with the whole family?

One of those reasons is sure to do the trick. Before you know it, you’ll be signed up to take guitar lessons from a Weston intermediate guitar instructor and on your way to big time rock star status.