Skype Guitar Lessons: Hang on Sloopy by the McCoys Guitar Lesson

For our next lesson we will learn to play “Hang on Snoopy,” by the McCoys. The song is basically | G C | D C | and you will play each chord 2 times each. Please refer to the video for the chord charts.
To begin to play the song simply strum each chord with down strokes 2 times each. Start by strumming slowly and playing by yourself until you can switch records comfortably. Then start playing with this drum machine beat at 65 BPMs.
Ultimately you want to get a place where you can play with the song. If you are a beginner I encourage you to take it slow and give yourself a week of getting comfortable with the chords before expecting yourself to be able to play at the speed of the song. It is very important that you take it slow so that your chord changes are smooth and you don’t get discouraged.

Please check out the part of the video where I am playing with the song so you can see how to participate. At first I demonstrate how to play it all with down strokes and then how to include upstrokes as well. If both of those options are still too hard for you, I also demonstrate how to play a simpler version of this with just one stroke each. Hopefully between the three options you will find your comfort zone and build from there. However, if playing with the song is still too difficult, just use the drum machine link instead.

I encourage you to press thru the initial difficulty to reach a place where you can have fun with the song. “Hang on Sloopy” is just under three minutes in length and if you can play through all three minutes you have grown to a place of incredible stamina in your playing. This stamina is definitely something to work toward. Therefore please don’t move on just yet if you can play the chords fast enough. Try to challenge yourself to play them for the entire length of the song. This will hone your rhythm and start to build your ability to groove.

I hope you enjoyed the lesson and I’ll see you next time.

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