Pink Floyd's "Time" Guitar Lesson

This is a lesson on Pink Floyd’s “Time”. It is definitely one of David Gilmore’s finest masterpieces. While taking the time to learn this song, I must say I was blown away by Gilmore’s soaring melodic structures and his ability to convey subtle inflections in his soloing. I was equally amazed by the sheer power of the solo and the fact that he played it without playing fast. This shows true mastery in my opinion. Playing fast instantly gains the performer the “wow” factor, but few guitarist can play slowly and deliberately while still maintaining a captive performance level. Also, not to be ignored is Gilmore’s tone; it is absolutely undeniable. Magnificent, really. He used his 1969 “Black Strat” into a Silverface Fender Twin Reverb. For distortion, he used a Coloursoud Power Boost (handmade in the UK).


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David Gilmour is really well known for having a fantastic guitar tone. Most of his tone comes from his hands. However his rack set up is pretty extensive and really expensive. The cost of his boutique pedals and custom pedal boards are tens of thousands of dollars. If you add the cost of his guitars and amps, his live rig is easily in the 6 figures. However his signature tone is not only created from his equipment and his hand technique but it is also from different recording techniques and microphone placements. True Gilmour fanatics can go on for days about his tone and spend a lifetime trying to recreate it.
I kept the focus of this lesson primarily on the playing aspect of the song. Therefore I just used my usual live rig to do this video. My equipment was as follows:
PRS 513 Guitar
Billm customized Fender Blues Junior
’74 Dynacomp
Analogman King of Tone (hi gain side)
Note-I was tempted to engage my Vintage Memory Man Delay pedal on the solo, but delays and reverbs don’t tend to record will on videos so I kept the signal dry.
As much I enjoyed playing the solo on the song, I got a lot from the second half of the song where he uses really creative chords to color the soundscape. Some of the chords in this song I have not played since my Brazilian Jazz days! Again, kudos to Gilmour for his ability to mix rock with blues and jazz fusion seamlessly.
Enjoy the lesson video and see you next time.