Pink Floyd's "Time" Guitar Lesson

This is a lesson on Pink Floyd’s “Time”. It is definitely one of David Gilmore’s finest masterpieces. While taking the time to learn this song, I must say I was blown away by Gilmore’s soaring melodic structures and his ability to convey subtle inflections in his soloing. I was equally amazed by the sheer power of the solo and the fact that he played it without playing fast. This shows true mastery in my opinion. Playing fast instantly gains the performer the “wow” factor, but few guitarist can play slowly and deliberately while still maintaining a captive performance level. Also, […] Read more

SRV/Albert King Blues Phrase in E

This phrase was originally an Albert King phrase but Stevie Ray Vaughan made it famous. This is set in context of a standard slow blues in the key of E. If played correctly it sounds very nasty and jazzy and fast all at the same time. It is an intermediate/advanced level phrase.
I purposely focus the teaching on the “first half” of the phrase and leave the ending open for you to decided what suffix will work best for you. As you can see in my demo of the playing in context with an actual blues song, there are so many ways to use this phrase so I did not want to limit you to a certain suffix. I do give several ideas tho for you to draw from as you formulate your own ideas.
Gear for this vid: SRV strat, ’74 dyna comp MXR, AnalogMan King of Tone, Boss DD-7 Delay, ’66 Fender Super Reverb

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Improvising in F Melodic Minor

This is an both an instructional video of improvising in F Melodic Minor (or F Minor) and a performance video where I am simply improvising for you. The melodic minor scale is a beautiful scale and is sometimes refered to as the major pentatonic scale. Try to play the guitar like a piano, having a light and subtle approach. Try not to over play but keep the quiet parts sparse but with hight tension. Think Carlos Santana meets Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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