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Hi Dyce Kimura offering Miami rock voice lessons.  Today we’re going to have a look at a topic called voice registration – it can be a tricky subject to discuss, but it’s something that you’ve already probably been talking about inadvertently when you’ve used language like, chest voice and head voice. Let’s unpack it today and understand a little bit more in depth about the way your voice mechanically works.

Miami rock voice lessons is where I develop your voice and improve your sound because I believe every voice deserves to be heard.  Now, today, as I said […] Read more

How To Overcome Stage Fright | Fort Lauderdale Singing Lessons

Stage fright.  You know the symptoms: Dry mouth.  Sweaty palms.  Being unable to speak.  An increased heart rate.   Nausea and wanting to throw up.  Being overly excited.  Or crashing, after a performance, after all that excess adrenaline has been spent.  If you’re a singer who’s dealt with stage fright—and which of us haven’t?—Dyce Kimura, an accomplished vocalist and guitarist providing FORT LAUDERDALE SINGING LESSONS has the answers for you.


Stage fright is something that effects all singers.  From absolute beginners to even Grammy-award winning professionals, stage fright can impact all of us.   Even Jon Bon Jovi admits that he still gets […] Read more

How to Restore a Strained Voice | Fort Lauderdale Singing Lessons

If you love to sing, it’s not a question of if you will strain your voice—but WHEN you will strain it.  So before you feel your voice faltering, it would be a good idea to stock up on a few items (if you don’t already have them), according to Dyce Kimura, a well-regarded guitarist and singer who provides Fort Lauderdale singing lessons.  Dyce recommends that you get a few bottles of your favorite bottled water, any kind of soothing tea, salt, and a few whole lemons.  You’ll probably have most of these items in your kitchen already; but making sure […] Read more

How to Sing and Play Guitar at the Same Time | Fort Lauderdale Singing Lessons

Tips From Professional Fort Lauderdale Guitar and Voice Teacher

Learning to sing and play guitar at the same time can be a daunting challenge for the beginner. Here, Dyce Kimura, a top musician teaching guitar and providing Fort Lauderdale singing lessons will show you how to do both—easily—while having fun, by breaking the process down into just a handful of simple steps.

Before you begin:

Before you get started, it’s important to remember that even the greatest musicians are still human—and can only think about one thing at a time. It’s important that you acquire some guitar basics under your fingertips, before attempting […] Read more

How to Achieve A More Powerful Head Voice | Fort Lauderdale Singing Lessons

Consult Fort Lauderdale Head Voice Teacher

A powerful singing voice isn’t easy to come by for all people.  Most need to practice and work long hours to achieve a powerful voice without causing damage to the body. Dyce Kimura offers Fort Lauderdale singing lessons that help aspiring vocalists meet their goals, but in the interim, here are a few pointers to get you started.

Mixing Head and Chest Voice

The most important tip for developing a powerful voice is learning how to mix the head voice and the chest voice together. This is as difficult as it sounds, so don’t become frustrated or […] Read more

Singing With a Cold | Fort Lauderdale Singing Lessons

Cold Tips from Fort Lauderdale Singing Coach

Catching a cold may seem like a singer’s worst nightmare, especially when a performance is nigh – but it doesn’t have to stop the whole show. Known for offering a diverse Fort Lauderdale singing lesson curriculum, Dyce Kimura instructs vocalists in the art of singing while ill. With the right technique and a fair amount of practice, singers maintain vocal quality and range during a performance. Knowing the correct way to sing with a swollen and sore throat can save the voice from additional stress, while soothing and healing the area’s aching muscles.

[…] Read more

Never Too Young for Vocal Training

Many vocal instructors refuse to train young children, for various reasons, but success from training young is entirely dependant upon the desire and dedication of the child in question. If a child is constantly singing, it’s a good idea to begin instruction, as they will often develop incorrect vocal habits through singing on their own without guidance.


Professional Technique for Children


With consistent voice lessons, a child can develop professional level technique and style that will follow them throughout their lives. For many, the goal is to become the next famous musical prodigy, touring and singing for a living, but most vocalists […] Read more

How to Warm Up the Voice for Singing

Warming up the voice properly is key for optimal singing. Vocal exercises are important for singers who want to keep their voice in top shape. Fort Lauderdale voice teacher Dyce Kimura recommends using warm up exercises on a daily basis for overall vocal balance and strength. Kimura also offers some specific warm up tips for singers when it is time for a performance.

Daily Vocal Warm Ups:

• Set aside time for warming up. Vocalize for a minimum of 20 minutes daily, with 30 minutes being the ideal amount of time. It doesn’t all have to be at the same time, but […] Read more

7 Most Effective Health Tips To Keep Your Voice in Shape

Vocal students are often aware of the importance of training and practice in achieving their full potential. Unfortunately, much less focus has been given to the healthy lifestyle needed to maintain and improve vocal ability. Fort Lauderdale voice teacher, Dyce Kimura, works with students to provide a holistic approach to voice instruction, including information about healthy lifestyle changes to reach top vocal shape.

Some of the most effective tips to develop healthy vocal chords and voice strength that Dyce Kimura recommends during his Fort Lauderdale singing lessons are:

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