Rock Guitar Lessons in Miami | Gibson 335 Indigo Review

Rock guitar lessons in Miami is my specialty. Hi! This is Dyce Kimura. I am a Miami guitar teacher and Skype instructor and today I’m going to show you my Gibson 335 in indigo blue. I got this in 2015. It’s a 2015 model. It sounds amazing. I want to talk about it with you but first I’m just going to play it a little bit just to break the ice and kick this video off. I’m just going to hook it in with my smooth jazz backing track. Here we go… That gives you an idea. Rock guitar lessons […] Read more

Rock Guitar Teacher in Miami | Gibson Les Paul Modifications

Rock guitar teacher in Miami Dyce Kimura at your service! I am a Miami guitar teacher and a Skype guitar teacher and today I’m going to talk about my Les Paul. This is going to be kind of a review of this Les Paul model which is a Gibson traditional pro-1, but I have done so many modifications to this guitar that it doesn’t necessarily resemble a trad Pro 1 anymore.  Dyce is in high demand as a rock guitar teacher in Miami. I want to talk about what I did and why, and I just want to say […] Read more

Common Questions from Guitar Beginners | Miami Guitar Lessons

Dyce Kimura Miami Guitar Teacher

Miami Guitar Lessons by Dyce Kimura here! I am a guitar teacher, giving guitar lessons in Miami and also on Skype. I’m doing this video blog today just to talk about some common questions that I get asked every day on the phone from prospective students that want to come in and get guitar lessons. So I thought I’d just do a video to just address some common questions in case any of these pertain to you. So I typed up a few of these common questions. I’m going to read off one […] Read more

How to Use Computer Tech to Learn Guitar | Guitar lessons in Miami

Guitar lessons in Miami with Dyce Kimura.  Hey there, folks! I want to talk to you today about some of the amazing ways that technology has changed the way I teach guitar in 2016. I just want to go ahead and start showing you some things that I’ve seen. So let’s say you go to play a song — and right now I’m just sharing my screen with you as I record. Let’s say we go into YouTube and I want to go learn to play a song; for instance, I want to play Just Got Paid by ZZ […] Read more

Lead electric guitar lessons in Miami

Lead electric guitar lessons in Miami is discussing how to play modes today.  Today is the day when you start getting into the world of modes. Modes is something that is a very popular question. Everybody wants to play modes. I think every guitar player comes from the Pentatonic, and playing pentatonic, or improvising with pentatonic and improvising with modes is like 20 times more difficult, or you need to have more knowledge than the pentatonic because with the pentatonic you actually don’t need to know anything, you just need to play the pentatonic, and more or less it sounds […] Read more

Best electric guitar lessons in Miami

Best electric guitar lessons in Miami will be using my Ibanez RG 40 x1 guitar for this video that you’ve probably seen already in my hangout and everything, beautiful guitar love it and so ve been working with it ve been trying to get it to my space and everything, absolutely love it so i get few more things on the set up to work on but I’m loosing it fairly but sounds amazing one more thing I’m going to do anyway is showing you the difference not necessarily just the differences but showing you the benefits of having […] Read more

Beginner electric guitar teacher in Miami | Peavey Vypyr Amp Review

Beginner electric guitar teacher in Miami Dyce Kimura here. I’m a full time guitar instructor and performer, and I’m doing an in-depth review today, and a tutorial of the Peavey Vypyr. This is the VIP one, the 20 watt. I work as a guitar teacher and I teach all kinds of levels. This is the main amp that I usually tell my beginners to go buy. And so I just wanted to do a review on it, just to explain how to use this amp. Beginner electric guitar teacher in Miami. I’m going to show you how to turn it […] Read more

Acoustic Guitar Instructor in Miami | Taylor K26ce Review

Acoustic guitar instructor in Miami Dyce Kimura here. I am a Skype guitar instructor and I’m doing a review today on this beautiful Taylor. It’s called the K26CE and it’s all made out of Hawaiian koa body. So the back and the sides and the top are all koa and I’ll get into the woods in a second. Let’s just give this a listen. Absolutely gorgeous – check it out. So I’m doing a review on this – I’m a full-time professional guitar player. I teach full-time and I perform full-time. I’ve been playing this guitar all day long […] Read more

Advanced Guitar Lessons in Miami

Advanced Guitar Teacher Dyce Kimura offers Advanced Guitar Lessons in MIami

Advanced guitar lessons in Miami by Dyce Kimura.  Today I am talking to advanced guitar students. I wanted to do a video blog about some things that I have seen in advanced students, and maybe I can help you. This video is targeting specifically people who are hitting a wall in their playing. Advanced guitar lessons in Miami. If you’ve been playing for at least two years, and you’ve been learning on your own or just with some courses or tutorials, maybe you took some classes here […] Read more

Electric Guitar Lessons in Miami | How to Choose an Electric Guitar

Dyce Kimura Provides Electric Guitar Lessons In Miami

Electric guitar lessons in Miami is my specialty.  This is the ultimate buying guide for an electric guitar. I’ve also got an acoustic version if you are looking for an acoustic guitar but this one is for the electric guitar. Let’s get started.

Where am I going to start? Well, I am assuming you are a newbie, and maybe you are not. There may even be some information here for somebody that’s already been playing. Where do you start? Well, you have to have a budget when getting electric guitar […] Read more