North Miami Guitar Lessons | Tips on Changing Acoustic Guitar Strings

North Miami guitar lessons veteran Dyce Kimura here! Today I’m doing a very in-depth video on acoustic guitar maintenance and how to change strings and how to tune them up from scratch and stretch them out – at least the way I like to do them. I’m playing my Martin HD 35 for this video. It’s in tuned and these strings are about a week old. I like to change my strings about once a week. And I know that might be shocking to some of you, but I do play a lot of guitar; usually about 8 hours a […] Read more

Miami Beginner Guitar Teacher Advice and Experience

Hello this is Dyce Kimura, a Miami beginner guitar teacher.  If you’re a beginner, I want you to know that I was a beginner too before I was a Miami beginner guitar teacher and I’ve worked with so many beginners. I feel you where you’re coming from, I understand your frustration. I want to get into a couple of things. So first of all, I want to talk about the technology in playing guitar on the web. Let me state the obvious, you can get the guitar teacher like myself, I’m a guitar teacher. If you can afford a […] Read more

How to Find a Miami Advanced Guitar Teacher | Dyce Kimura

Miami advanced guitar teacher Dyce Kimura here and today I am doing a video blog talking about this concept of advanced guitar lessons. This is actually a very difficult subject for me to tackle, but I thought I’d give it a try. And first off I want to say that advanced students are my favorite students. I am a full-time guitar instructor and I take on lots of beginners, absolute beginners, intermediates; but advanced students and even students that are trying to go pro or semi-pro are my favorites because they are the closest to my heart. You […] Read more

Miami Guitar Teacher | How to Get Good at Guitar

Hi! This is Dyce Kimura, I am a Fort Lauderdale and Miami guitar teacher. Today I’m going to talk about the topic of how to get good at playing guitar. I’m going to be talking to people that want to become a pro.   I’m going to be just addressing a lot of issues and challenges that you might go through and give you some real practical experience and advice.

A little background on myself; I’m a full-time Pro and Miami guitar teacher. I’ve been playing guitar for 30 years – 30+ years, actually. I’ve been playing full-time […] Read more

Acoustic Guitar Teacher In Miami

This is Dyce Kimura I am an acoustic guitar teacher in Miami and I am doing a review today on the Lifespan Martin acoustic guitar strings. I just put them on – my Martin’s [playing guitar]. So by the way, these are the Lifespan Martin acoustic guitar strings. My buddy, Edgar, gave me this pack, so shout out to Edgar I know you’re watching. And I was a little taken back, because on the label it said $31.99 and I was like, “I hope you didn’t spend $31.99 for this one pack.” We’ll talk about price in a […] Read more

Miami Acoustic Guitar Lessons | How to play Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Hi, I offer Miami acoustic guitar lessons and my name is Dyce Kimura. Today I’m covering the topic of Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran on acoustic guitar finger style; just like he does it. Before I get into the actual tutorial of the finger style, I’m going to play it for you [playing guitar], but I’m going to do it with Ed. So I’m going to play it for about a minute with Ed Sheeran with the recording and then I’m going to explain everything to you in terms of the parts and also the specific techniques. If […] Read more

Miami Guitar Lessons | Modern Blues Player Commentary

Hi this is Dyce Kimura. I am giving Miami guitar lessons and I just want to do a video blog today about some modern blues guitar players that I pay close attention to. So first up Joe Bonamassa and Derek Trucks, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Warren Haynes and Slash; so hopefully I’ll be able to get to all those, and also Billy Gibbons. I just want to talk a little bit about blues in general. It’s 2016 and what the scene is like and just some thoughts. Starting with Joe Bonamassa – I just got done listening to […] Read more

Miami Rock Voice Lessons | Dyce Kimura 7864573687

Hi Dyce Kimura offering Miami rock voice lessons.  Today we’re going to have a look at a topic called voice registration – it can be a tricky subject to discuss, but it’s something that you’ve already probably been talking about inadvertently when you’ve used language like, chest voice and head voice. Let’s unpack it today and understand a little bit more in depth about the way your voice mechanically works.

Miami rock voice lessons is where I develop your voice and improve your sound because I believe every voice deserves to be heard.  Now, today, as I said […] Read more

Miami Acoustic Guitar Teacher | How to Play Fingerstyle Guitar

Hi!  Miami acoustic guitar teacher Dyce Kimura here discussing today the difference between fingerstyle acoustic and flatpicking.  This is a wiedly discussed topic and is often confused by beginners so I’m here today to clear that discussion up for you.  That is in the soul, it’s also used in Brazilian Jazz. It’s using that pop. It’s a percussive sound, where you hit the guitar. [Echion 00:14:32] recently was doing some songs like Don’t Let Say where he hits the guitar, then he has that pop.

[Music 00:14:39]

What I have there going on is something called the moving bass line. […] Read more

North Miami Beginner Guitar Teacher |How to play guitar finger style vs pick

Hey there, this is Dyce Kimura, a North Miami beginner guitar teacher. Today I’m going over some guitar techniques. Some of these are going to be beginner techniques and some of them are going to get more advanced. We are talking about acoustic finger style playing today. I want to go over a few concepts. I want to talk about the using a capo. Also finger style and using your thumb and your fingers to pluck, moving bass lines and giving a richer complex chord sequence that almost tells a story. I’ll give you an example. I’m going […] Read more