Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lesson: Mississippi Queen by Mountain

For our next lesson I decided to cover the epic classic rock song “Mississippi Queen” by Mountain.  For equipemt on this recording, the guitarist Leslie West used a Gibson blues Junior loaded with a P90’s thru a Sun Amp PA head (it wasn’t even a guitar amp!)  He accidently discovered this massive sound when his booking agency sent him the wrong equipment at his gig at the Fillmore West.  For equipment in this video I used a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro with an Analogman King of Tone into a Billm modified Blues Junior with a Heritage Greenback speaker.  It […] Read more

Fort Lauderdale Guitar Teacher Shows to adjust the truss rod of electric guitar | Lower Action of Guitar

I am lowering my action today on my strat style Pavel guitar. It is important that your guitar is in tune when you adjust the truss rod so you can know what effect your adjustments are having on your guitar. Only turn the truss rod 1/8 to ¼ of a turn at a time depending on your need of adjustment as the truss rod is very sensitive.

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How to Play "Let it Rise" on Acoustic Guitar

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This how to play Paul Baloche’s “Let it Rise” on acoustic guitar. I play and sing the song at first then teach you how to play it on the guitar.
Start with a G chord riff and then go to the C riff.
It is a very rhythmic song and can be a challenge to understand and play at first. On the chorus I teach the “and” rhythm or the off beat rhythm for that section. This makes the guitar sound colorful and interesting.

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How to Play Back in Black on Guitar

This video is how to play “Back in Black” by AC/DC. Their guitarist, Angus Young, plays the song electric which I also do at the start of the lesson. But then I quickly switch over to the acoustic to teach you the song because it has more clarity and hopefully without the distortion you can hear the complex rhythms better.

This song is definitely mid-advanced level. It sounds easy at first but the rhythms are rather complex. I must confess that when I first trying to learn the song I thought it was going to be a lot easier than it […] Read more

Top 3 Guitar Amps to Buy Under $200 for Beginner Guitar Players

Let’s say you’re looking to buy an amp, but are unsure which one to get since you’re just starting out with playing guitar. You also don’t want to spend a lot.


Here’s a helpful countdown of the top three choices of experienced, Fort Lauderdale Guitar Teacher, Dyce Kimura.


Line 6 30 watt –

Dyce says, “This guitar amp has all the effect you would need to really explore your guitar’s soundscape. It’s also extremely easy to use and is a great value for the price. This could be a good choice for heavy metal– especially nu-metal– and rock guitarists. It offers you […] Read more

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Take Guitar Lessons from an Intermediate Guitar Instructor

You’re dying to get better at playing guitar, but you’re having a hard time getting your parents to pony up for intermediate guitar lessons. They’re not impressed with the fact that you just want to learn. No, they want to know the benefits. And somehow, you just don’t think they’d appreciate the real reason you want to take lessons from a Weston intermediate guitar instructor. They’re just not buying into your dream of becoming a touring rock star. Well, fret no more. Here are five reasons you want to sign up with a Weston intermediate guitar instructor. Your parents are […] Read more